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New Weapons for 2023: Knives, Swords and Knuckles!

New Weapons for 2023: Knives, Swords and Knuckles!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we are taking a look at some of our newest weapons we just recently added to the website. Everything from a massive push dagger to a saber sword, we are reviewing and testing them to see how awesome they are. Check out the video to see what our newest weapons can do!

For Weapons Wednesday this week, I took a look at some of our newest that we just added to the KarateMart.com website. We have been getting in some really awesome weapons recently, so Amanda wanted to show them off for you all to see. Out of the five newest items, which item did you like the best? Watch the video to see which weapons are newest this week!

The first newest weapon that I reviewed was the Demon Hunter Push Dagger. Wow, this thing is impressive! The total length of the stainless steel blade if 8 3/4 inches, which is massive for a push dagger. I also couldn't believe how sharp the arrowhead style blade and the ridges are so similar to gut hooks, that I believe it would be very effective for self defense situations. The beautiful pakkawood handle really gives it a nice touch and the genuine leather sheath makes it easy to carry with you for self defense situations. View the video to see how impressive it really is.

Next, I reviewed the Demon Hunter Push Dagger. This thing is nuts! The weapon is made out of thick 3CR13 stainless steel and has a fake raindrop Damascus design to it. The full tang blade goes all the way through the beautiful pakkawood handle. This cleaver also features two very large holes: one in the blade while the second is on the pommel. The only thing that I do not like about this is the fact that the ring diameter on both of them are so large (1 1/4 inches and 1 3/8 inches) that it makes it difficult to use for flips. Check out the video to see this massive weapon!

The third weapon that I showed off you guys was the Solid Brass Spiked Knuckle Duster. We have actually had this knuckle duster for a while, but I never wanted to show it off since there were some issues with it and we were thinking of discontinuing the item. We spoke to the manufacturer though and they redesigned these knuckles to make them better. The solid brass construction weapon has a spike on the side of it which can also be used as an additional weapon along with the knuckles themselves. With the finger hole diameter of 1 inch, it fits comfortably in my hand compared to how they fit before. Check out the video so you can see the improvement of this weapon!

For the next weapon, we took a look at the Permanent Marker Spike. This hidden weapon was made by a small weapon manufacturer Armis Knife and Tool Company. It is a simple design and it looks just like a standard permanent marker. When you open the top though, there is a very sharp G10 spike that will be able to assist you if needed. For this weapon, it is only available at KOMBATIV.com. Watch the video to see this amazing weapon.

The last weapon that I reviewed was the Hand Forged Saber Sword. I was very impressed with this weapon for many different reasons. Saber swords have a rich history and were European infantry swords that have a single edge and a curved blade. This blade is made out of 65M steel which is very durable and has great edge retention. The charcoal finish on the one solid piece of steel also gives it an aged look that I really like. The handle is also made out of carbon steel with leather wrapping. It also has a d-guard with sharp edges that can be used as an additional weapon as well. See the video to watch how much damage it can withstand!

Here's the video:

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