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Hidden Blade Walking Stick and Other Dangerous Weapons

Hidden Blade Walking Stick and Other Dangerous Weapons
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we are taking a look at weapons that our YouTube viewers ask for most! Some of the most requested items include everything from a walking stick to a bowie knife, so we tested them out to showcase what they can do. Check out our video to see which items our viewers wanted the most!

For the first weapon that our viewers wanted, I reviewed our Colossal Sawback Bowie Knife. I was impressed by this 440 stainless steel blade and all of the nice features that it includes. The thick blade was able to cut into the wing chun dummy with ease and the pommel made a decent size hole in it as well. The most interesting feature is the sawback on the spine of the blade though. The manufacturer states that it is a "gator back" sawblade, but honestly all I could think of was dolphin fins. See the video to watch us really test it!

The next weapon we took a look at was the Hidden Blade Walking Stick. Everyone loves survival weapons which is why this walking stick was one of the most popular weapons that viewers ask for. The stainless steel blade doesn't have sharpened edges, but the tip of the point was so sharp that it didn't make a difference. I really struggled to get the blade out of the wing chun dummy because of how far it went into the wood. It is also nice in the respect that it can be made into multiple different weapons due to the multiple different attachments, which comes in handy if you need it in a survival situation. The one thing I was not a fan of was that it was a little short as a walking stick, but I am also 6'4" which is tall compared to most people. Watch the video to see how useful this walking stick can be!

The third weapon we tested out ended up being the Dark Assassin Knuckle Knife. I was a bit confused on why this weapon was chosen to review, but it had some nice features. The knuckle knife is made out of one solid piece of 3CR13 stainless steel and comes with a handy sheath. The one thing I was not impressed about was the fact that the metal was so thin that it was easy to hurt your hand if you strike with it. Otherwise, the blades and tip are sharp as well as having a great hold for reverse grip as well. Check out the video to see how this weapon works!

The last weapon that we showed off today was the Atomic Assassin Katana. This beautiful piece of artwork is forged by 65Mn spring steel which makes it perfect for edge retention and durability. The black cord wrapping has intricate gold finish lacing within it and has a lovely tsuba as an accent. The blue and silver combo on the blade is my favorite part of the sword though. In my personal opinion, I would not want to use this for sword play, I would love to keep the sword has a magnificent display piece. View the video to see this amazing katana!

Here's the video:

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