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Affordable EDC Knives for Daily Use!

Affordable EDC Knives for Daily Use!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out 15 of our most affordable EDC knives that are perfect for daily use. Watch the video to see my review of each of them!

This weeks video is just a little different in the respect that we went back to the basics and used my iPhone to quickly record a video of me testing out 15 of our most affordable EDC knives. We purposely chose 15 of our knives that are right around the $20 price point or even less expensive.

Here are the knives we reviewed:

1) Dark Dragon Stiletto

2) Dark Ranger Field Knife

3) Dark Rainbow Pocket Knife

4) Jungle Ranger Karambit

5) Stealth Push Dagger

6) Damascus Trailing Point Pocket Knife

7) Tactical Drop Point Knife

8) Pink Cheetah Pocket Knife

9) Dark Combat Skinner Knife

10) Vigilante Knuckle Knife

11) Black Butterfly Knife

12) Stealth Tanto Pocket Knife

13) Stealth Tactical Neck Knife

14) Blue Steel Stiletto

15) Classic Boot Knife

Here's the video:

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