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6 Everyday Carry Knives Under $20

6 Everyday Carry Knives Under $20
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we reviewed some of our newest EDC knives under $20. Watch the video to see us test them out!

Normally, we don't put any prices on any of our YouTube videos or social media posts because prices change over time. However, in this weeks video, we decided to review a number of our knives that are under the $20 price point.

The first everyday carry knife I reviewed was the Desert Assault Pocket Knife. The two things I found most enticing about this knife were it's rugged handle and versatile blade. The handle is made from a nylon fiber, which is a very durable material that is very weather resistant. The blade is a combo blade, which means that it has a serrated section as well a plain edge section. I also explain in the video what the benefits are to a serrated blade over a plain edge blade and vice-versa. Watch the video to see my review of this excellent pocket knife.

The second EDC knife I tested was the Midnight Assassin Karambit. If you've watched any of my videos, you probably know that I am a huge fan of karambits, and this karambit didn't disappoint. My favorite thing about this everday carry karambit is that it has a textured G10 handle which was so comfortable to hold. Be sure to watch the video to see how this knife performed when shredding through a karate uniform.

The third EDC knife I tested was the Stealth Spearpoint Neck Knife. Unlike some of the other neck knives we sell, this one is extremely small, making it the perfect concealed or hidden weapon. The knife itself weighs only about 1 ounce, but because of how it is shaped, you can actually get a good amount of control with it. The main downside I noticed is that the blade wasn't very sharp, so I used the Deluxe Knife Sharpener to sharpen it up. Watch the video to see how easily I was able to sharpen it and how well it performed after sharpening.

The fourth everyday carry knife I tested out was the Night Ranger Pocket Knife. This was probably the most heavy duty knife I reviewed in the video. You could just tell by the weight of the knife that it was built to last. I also really liked the striped zebrawood handle because it provided a very nice contrast against the dark color of the knife.

The fifth EDC knife I reviewed was the Stealth Cleaver Knife. I don't believe I've ever showed off a knife quite like this on video before, so it was fun to see it. The thing that is so unique about this fixed blade knife is that it has a chisel tip. However, unlike many chisel tip knives where the flat end is sharpened, this specific one had a dull end, giving you a non-lethal option for your knife. Because of the way the blade is shaped, it gives the knife a very sharp point, making it an excellent knife for utility purposes. Be sure to watch the video to see how this knife performs when slashing through cloth and the wing chun dummy.

The last everyday carry knife I tested was the Desert Ranger Pocket Knife. Unlike the other pocket knives I showed off, this one had more added features, but was also much smaller. In addition to a knife, it has a flat-head screwdriver as well as a bottle opener. As far as comfort goes, this knife was a little too small for my hands, but it fit nicely into Amanda's smaller hands, so I would suggest this knife to people with smaller hands. The blade was fairly sharp, but I chose to sharpen it up a little more because of how easy it is to sharpen with the deluxe knife sharpener.

Here's the video:

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