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Military Trench Cleaver and Other Brutal Weapons!

Military Trench Cleaver and Other Brutal Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed some of our newest weapons including the Military Trench Cleaver. Make sure to watch the video to get my opinions on all of these new weapons!

The first weapon I reviewed was the Modern Combat Ulu Knife. This traditional tool has been modernized for survival purposes and as a self defense weapon that you can easily carry. It features two different blade styles made of 3CR13 stainless steel that make it better for various different tasks without worrying about corrosion. The knife also has nice finger grooves and also a ring on the pommel that makes it more ergonomic than similar ulus. If you want a modernized but traditional weapon that can be used for a long time, then this is the ulu for you. Check out the video to see it in action!

The next weapon that I showed off is the Hidden Pepper Spray Pen. This hidden weapon is perfect for a self defense situation without an attacker even knowing that you have it. Even though it looks like a normal pen, it is pressurized so you can use it for up to 10 feet which gives which allows you to get away from an assailant. Not only does it help with getting distance away from an attacker, it also is extremely potent which will stop anyone in their tracks. The pepper spray is 46% hotter than other pepper sprays and can incapacitate someone for up to 45 minutes. View the video to see the perfect concealable pepper spray.

The third weapon I showed off was the Urban Graffiti Katana. The 1045 carbon steel katana has an unique design that will make a perfect gift for anyone. The sheath is where the sword gets interesting. It has a graphic design pattern that will look beautiful on the a wall or showcase. The cord wrapping on the tsuka is a vibrant purple that is also on the scabbard itself. The menuki are a beautiful gold dragon and it also has a black anodized metal tsuba with a cherry blossom laser etched into it. Not only that, but you help protect the environment with the synethic ray skin as well. If you are looking for a unique and interesting gift, check out this sword in the video!

Next up, we had three different variations of bat throwers, which are the Titanium Finish Bat Shuriken, the Gold Bat Shuriken, and the Titanium Finish Bat Shuriken. Each set features three bat shuriken that are very fun to throw around. They are all made of 1065 German surgical steel so that it prevents rust and corrosion during use. The heavy duty nylon sheath allows you to carry them wherever you go due to its belt loop. The are very easy to throw and are the perfect way to practice with a throwing weapon. See the video if you are interested in your own set of bat shuriken!

Amanda saved the best for last, it's the Military Trench Cleaver! This trench cleaver is very unique and is perfect for anyone who wants an imitating weapon. It is based off of the mark one trench knife that was used in WWI, so you know that is will be a strong weapon that will last a long time. The handle is made out of solid brass while the blade itself is made from a very thick stainless steel. The full tang knife also features a skull crusher spike that are perfect for your hammer strikes. If you want a heavy duty, solid weapon as a gift or for yourself, this is the perfect thing for you! Be sure to view the video to get better insight of this trench cleaver.

Here's the video:

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