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New Weapons This Week! Swords, Blades & Batons!

New Weapons This Week! Swords, Blades & Batons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I spent some time looking at more weapons we've recently added to the KarateMart.com website. I decided that it would be fun to review one of my favorite new 1095 swords as well as some different knives and a stun baton.

The first thing I reviewed was the Black Venom Carbon Steel Katana. I felt compelled to show off this sword because of it's amazing detail. The tsuba has a snake that looks like it is sliding in and out of the tsuba, which is something I hadn't seen before on any other samurai sword. It also has a really nice 1095 carbon steel blade with a natural clay tempered hamon line that really expresses it's quality.

Next, I chose to take a closer look at the Tiger's Claw Butterfly Knife. This specific balisong is very unique because of it's CS:GO curved blade and unique coloring. I also really liked it's spring latch that allows you to open the blade with one hand.

After that, I spent some time testing out the Stealth Polymer Weapons Set. We've been selling this set for a while now and I've always been curious about how strong they are and if they could actually hold up to some testing. So, I tested each of these non-metal knives on our wing chun dummy to see if they would break.

Then, came my favorite weapon in this video...the Hidden Twisted Blade Baton! This weapon is so cool and it's hard to tell how cool it is from the pictures we have on the website. It can be transformed from a baton, into a spiral-bladed knife, then into two knives or a double bladed weapon. Overall, just a really cool weapon that needed to be shown off on video.

The next item was suggested by my friend Jayden that has always been so supportive on our YouTube channel. He requested that I do a video review of the Demon Hunter War Knife, so I spent some time looking it over. I really liked how sharp this knife was and some of the detail involved in making it.

Last of all, I tested out the Dark Night Stun Baton. A lot of people on YouTube have mentioned that they wanted to see this self-defense weapon in action, so I chose to make a video for it. It was definitely a well made weapon and hurt pretty bad when I took a shock from it.

Here are the items I reviewed in this video:

1) Black Venom Carbon Steel Katana

2) Tiger's Claw Butterfly Knife

3) Stealth Polymer Weapons Set

4) Hidden Twisted Blade Baton

5) Demon Hunter War Knife

6) Dark Night Stun Baton

Here's the video:

Which weapon is your favorite this week?

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