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New Weapons This Week! Stun Guns, Swords & Knives!

New Weapons This Week!  Stun Guns, Swords & Knives!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we reviewed some of the newest weapons including some swords, knives, monkey fist keychains, and a stun gun. Make sure to watch the video to see all these new weapons.

The first weapon I reviewed was the Bare Bones Tactical Cleaver. Perhaps the thing I liked most about this knife was it's minimalistic skeletal design. By designing it this way, it makes the knife look more modern and much lighter. The other thing I really liked about this knife was the cleaver shaped blade that gave it a very sharp point. Because of the angle of it's point, it was able to slice through fabric as easily as paper. Be sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

The second weapon I tested out was the Black Viper Stun Gun. The thing I found most exciting about this stun gun was it's comfortable ergonomic grip. I also really liked the fact that it had a wrist strap with a disable pin that makes it unuseable if an attacker grabs your stun gun from you. As usual, I had to test this stun gun out on myself to make sure that it is an effective weapon, so watch the video to see how strong it really is!

The third weapon I reviewed was the Large Monkey Fist Keychain. We've shown these off in previous videos, but we recently started carrying a green version, so I wanted to show it off. Monkey fist keychains are one of the most misunderstood self-defense weapons out there. They are nothing more than a steel ball wrapped by paracord, but with some practice, they can be a very effective weapon. This specific monkey fist has a steel ball with a 1" diameter and uses a very strong paracord to wrap the ball and make the handle of the weapon. One of the nice things about monkey fists is that once they are connected to your keys, the keys can also be used as a weapon. Watch the video to see some of the ways these can be used for self-defense.

The fourth weapon I tested was the Railroad Spike Tracker Knife. We currently carry a variety of different styles of railroad spike knives on KarateMart.com. The great thing about them is that they are actually forged from a carbon steel railroad spike, which makes them an excellent collectors item. This specific knife was forged in the shape of a tracker knife, which is known for it's large belly curved blade in front and it's plain edge blade in the center of the knife. Because they have multiple different types of blades, they are great for a variety of different survival tasks. Be sure to watch the video to see what I thought of this tracker knife!

The last weapon I tested was available in two different colors. They are the Red Legendary Ninja Sword and the Blue Legendary Ninja Sword. We don't carry many stainless steel swords nowadays, but one of the things that is so great about them is how inexpensive they are. Plus, these specific swords have an extremely comfortable ABS handle with a comfortable rubberized grip. Because the blades are made from stainless steel, I wanted to test them out on the wing chun dummy, so make sure to watch the video to see how this sword held up.

Here's the video:

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