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New Weapons to Survive a Deserted Island

New Weapons to Survive a Deserted Island

For this week on Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at some of our newest bladed weapons that would be great to survive on a deserted island. From an axe, a bowie knife and a short sword, it will be difficult to choose.  Watch the video to see which bladed weapons that we chose! 

The first weapon that was showed off today was Amanda's personal favorite, Dark Tactical Axe.  This axe is made out of a stainless steel and has a stonewash, hammer finish that will help to hide any blemishes from the weapon with use.  The handle is made out of a sturdy nylon fiber that has a slight ergonomic grip that make chopping easy.  There is a thumb rise near the top of the blade that will help you use this axe as a tactical weapon as well.  The coolest feature of this axe though is that the butt of the axe has a hammer head on it, which will help with many utility tasks on a deserted island.  Overall, this weapon would be very useful in many different ways.  See the video to get the full review!

Next, we looked at the Black Ops Bowie Knife that is only available on KOMBATIV.com.  In terms of survival, this weapon has many great features that could help in many different situations.  First, the blade is made out of 440C stainless steel, which is stronger than regular 440 stainless steel but is still corrosion resistant and easy to sharpen.  It is also very thick and is full tang, so you never have to worry about the blade breaking while using it.  It also has the traditional clip point blade that all bowie knives have and it is EXTREMELY sharp.  The scales are made out of a beautiful black pakkawood with jimping and added grips to make sure that the blade stays secure in your hand while it's being used.  The other feature that will help is that it has a choil, so you can use that for utility tasks such as skinning or widdling.  Check out the video to see this beauty for yourself!

The third weapon that was showed off in this video was the Ghost Combat Knife.  This knife is quite spooky to say the least!  The stainless steel blade has a gorgeous white finish on it that really makes this weapon more unique than the rest.  The other thing that I really like about this weapon is that it has extensive jimping throughout the entire blade, including the choil.  That provides a very secure and comfortable grip that makes doing any utility task a breeze.  It also features very comfortable black nylon fiber scales that also provide more grip as well.  Personally, I think this knife would make an excellent back up on a deserted island, but I wouldn't want it to be my main weapon.  Be sure to watch the video to see all of the great features of this knife!

The last weapon that Amanda and Mel showed off was the Modern Gladius Short Sword.  This sword has such a great look to it and it is very eye catching.  The sword is a modernized version of a gladius sword which were used by the ancient Romans.  The blade is made out of 7Cr13 stainless steel and it has a razor sharp blade and tip.  That makes it great for piercing, slicing and even chopping a wooden pallet was easy.  The blade is full tang and features two fullers on each side of the blade, making it four in total which helps reduce the weight.  The handle is made out of a very comfortable rubberized thermoplastic that feels great to hold.  While the material is great, the main downside is that the handle has a large bulge in the middle which make it slightly awkward to hold.  The sword also features a pommel spike on the bottom which would also be great as an additional weapon.  View the video to get the full review!



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