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Which Knife Would You Choose To Survive In The Wild?

Which Knife Would You Choose To Survive In The Wild?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we give you 5 of our newest knives to choose from to survive in the wild. Be sure to watch the video and vote for your favorite!

The first knife you get to choose from is the Modern Walker Knife. By far, the most exciting feature of this fixed-blade knife is it's index-finger ring. The addition of this ring allows for a more secure grip on the knife as well as the ability to perform some pretty cool tricks. The blade itself is a recurve style blade, which is a combination of a drop-point and kukri blade style. It's made of a 3CR13 Stainless Steel, which is not my favorite steel, but is perfect for outdoor use because it is corrosion resistant. Be sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

The 2nd knife you get to choose from is the Stealth Tactical Knife. Of all the knives I reviewed, this knife had my favorite overall design. In my various tests of durability and sharpness, it performed the best and had the most comfortable grip. It features a modified tanto blade with a serrated blade on the spine of the knife and an additional rope cutting blade near the main blade. Make sure to watch the things I do to test this exceptional knife out!

The 3rd knife I reviewed was the Trailing Point Woodsman Knife. For me, the thing that made this knife most exciting was the ring on the pommel. I'm a huge fan of karambit knives, so the ring gave this knife an exciting take on a standard trailing point knife. The very thick wooden handle is extremely comfortable to grip, and I also like the added jimping on the spine of the blade that allows for additional control. I tested it out quite a bit, so make sure to watch the video to see how it performed!

The Fourth knife I tested was the Forest Ranger Bowie Knife. So far, in the YouTube poll, this knife is by far the most popular. Out of the knives I showed in this video, this bowie knife has the longest blade (8.5") and a total measurement of approximately 15". That large size makes it extremely attractive to people who want to put a little more distance between themselves and any wild animals that may be lurking through the forest. Watch the video to see my full review of this beautiful bowie knife!

The last knife you get to choose from to survive in the wild is the Bone Handle Tracker Knife. Tracker knives have a very interesting design because they are made to handle many various types of tasks. They have a large belly in the front of the blade and a straight-edge closer to the handle. This specific tracker knife also features a tanto tip, which isn't very common on a tracker knife, but was definitely something I found useful during my tests. But, the thing I liked the most about this specific knife is that it is made from a D2 Steel, which is a very popular steel known for being very strong and excellent at maintaining an edge. Make sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

Here's the video:

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