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Bladed Weapons You Need To Survive!

Bladed Weapons You Need To Survive!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we are looking at some of our newest and most unique bladed weapons. Be sure to watch the video to see my full review of these awesome new blades!

The first weapon I tested was the Foldable Throwing Knives. I was very excited to test out these throwing knives because they are such an innovative design. One of the things I like the most about them is how compact they are when folded. They fold up so nicely that you could actually keep one in your pocket and even use it as an EDC knife. I also really like how well balanced they are and how easy they were to throw. Make sure to watch the video to see me test them out!

The second bladed weapon Amanda brought for me to test out was the Stealth Assassin Karambit. If you've watched my videos before, then you probably know that I absolutely love karambits. Now, this specific karambit had some things I like about it and some things I don't. I really like it's overall skeletal and minimalistic design, but it features a hand guard next to the blade that isn't something I personally like on my karambits. But, there are plenty of people who will see that as a positive addition to this knife. Be sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

The third weapon I reviewed was the Buffalo Horn Knuckle Hatchet I've shown off several knuckle hatchets in the past, but none with as much beauty as this one. This specific knuckle hatchet features a handle made from authentic buffalo horn, which is known for being harder and stronger than bone. It's a very interesting looking weapon that could come in handy in survival situations. But, of course I needed to test it out, so watch the video to see how it held up!

Next, I was excited to get to review the Woodland Field Knife. I absolutely love how minimalistic this field knife is! It's simple design makes it very light weight and gives it an extremely unique look. The only downside I found to this knife is that it's ergonomic design makes it very comfortable in forward grip, but doesn't allow you to hold it comfortably in reverse grip. But, for a field knife, it is almost perfect. Watch the video to see my full review!

Last but definitely not least, I got to test out the Rugged Combat Parang. A parang is similar to a machete that originated in Southeast Asia. This specific parang is extremely heavy duty and has a very thick 1075 carbon steel blade. It also has a hammered steel design that gives it a very nice aesthetic look. The handle itself is adorned with beautiful wood, buffalo horn and even some inlays. Check out the video to see my full review of this amazing parang!

Here's the video:

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