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Which Weapon Would You Choose to Survive the Infected?

Which Weapon Would You Choose to Survive the Infected?
When I watched the Last of Us the past couple weeks, I started to think what weapon would someone choose if ammo was impossible to get. This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed four different weapons that can be used to battle the infected. Which weapon would you choose to survive in the Last of Us?

In order to survive in the Last of Us, Amanda chose the Modern Viking Seax Sword. Sword are always a good option to survive in an infected environment due to it's reach along with its sharpened blade and point. The blade is made out of a D2 tool steel which is great for its strength, edge retention and mild corrosion resistance. Along with a great blade, the handle is also very comfortable due to the thermoplastic handle. That way, you will be able to defend yourself against the infected with ease while also having a comfortable grip. See the video to witness how great this sword really is!

The second weapon I tested to fight the infected was the Rugged Spiked War Club. I haven't shown off a war club in a while and this weapon is a beast! The head of the spiked club is made out of a carbon steel and the spikes themselves are made out a nickel plated carbon steel. The hardwood handle with a faux leather wrap help to make it feel like a baseball bat that can easily destroy anything. One of my favorite features on this though is the fact that it looks aged and worn, which really gives it a unique touch to the weapon. Watch the video to see what damage this club can do!

The third weapon I reviewed was the Woodland Ranger Survival Blades. Even though this is technically two weapons (a knife and a hatchet), the fact that they come in a set is ideal for survival as well as having two weapons. The blades are made out of 550 carbon steel, which makes it more durable and tough than standard knife blades. Even though the knife tip wasn't very sharp, the blade made up for that and was able to get the knife far into the wing chun dummy. The hatchet was my personal favorite out of the two though. The blade was very sharp and the pommel of the axe was great for destroying a concrete block. With having two weapons in one set, this is very helpful with fighting the infected. Check out the video to see the blades in action!

The last weapon I tested to survive in the Last of Us was the Military Trench Kukri. This weapon is so great for surviving the infected for MANY different reasons. First, the blade is made out of 1095 high carbon steel which is very strong and durable. The solid brass handle also has great brass knuckle that can be used in close quarters if an infected happens to get to close to you. The weapon also features a very heavy duty skull crusher spike that can really be helpful for a close encounter as well. Overall, this beast of a weapon is great for surviving the Last of Us. View the video to see how awesome this trench kukri is!

Here's the video:

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