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Which Weapon Would You Choose To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Which Weapon Would You Choose To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we looked at different weapons you could use to survive the zombie apocalypse. Watch the video and tell us which one you would choose!

Last week, we made a video called "The Improvised Weapon Challenge", where 3 of us were given $30 to make our very own improvised weapon using only things we could find at the hardware store. As of right now, the competition is too close to call, but it was very apparent that people liked Amanda's zombie weapon. So, we decided to make a video highlighting some of the zombie weapons we sell on KarateMart.com.

The first weapon we tested out was the Dark Skull Hand Claw. While this is clearly just a fantasy weapon that would look better on a wall than actually used in a combat scenario, it actually did surprisingly well at cutting through a watermelon. The only downfall to this weapon that I didn't like is that it scratched the side of my knuckles when using it, so I would suggest wearing a pair of Urban Ninja Gloves when using it. Watch the video to see this hand claw in action!

The second weapon I reviewed was the Zombie Killer Death Blade. Similar to the last weapon, this is not something I'd suggest for actual defensive situations, but with it's full-tang blade, it actually did a pretty great job of slicing through some items. The handle was fairly comfortable to hold and the blade had a very unique look to it. Make sure to watch the video to see how this zombie weapon performs.

The third item we tested out was the Dragon Smoke Katana. I absolutely love the uniquely dark look of this samurai sword. It has so many things I like about it, and for an inexpensive sword, it is made with some very nice features. The blade was anodized black and it has a very interesting lightning bolt pattern across the blade. We had never tried slicing through a basketball before, so I thought that would be a good thing to test out. Watch the video to see what happened!

The next weapon we reviewed was the Coffin Crusader Pocket Knife. As many of you know, I'm not the biggest fan of knives made with stainless steel blades. However, one of the aspects of stainless steel I really like is that they are rust and corrosion resistant. This knife not only has a corrosion resistant blade, but it also has a handle that looks like wood, but is actually a composite polymer that is also corrosion resistant. So, for a knife that may be used in an outdoor environment, this is perfect. Watch the video to see my full review of this unique looking pocket knife.

The last zombie weapon we tested out was the Undead Warrior Bladed Staff. While this is clearly another mall-ninja type item, it is actually made with stronger materials and designed in a way that will allow it to hold up to some pretty rigorous testing. The most interesting thing about this weapon is that it converts from two bladed zombie weapons into a single bladed staff. I love weapons that transform from one thing into another, and this zombie weapon is no exception. Make sure to watch the video to see us test this awesome weapon out.

Here's the video:

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Dana M. Scruggs
5/4/22 - 10:31pm
I LOVED the very last item (the bladed staff) the best! Hey maybe you should over-inflate the basket ball next time? (KABOOM) Love Weapons Wednesday!

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