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Mall Ninja Weapons Tested!

Mall Ninja Weapons Tested!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we thought it would be fun to test out some of our fantasy themed mall ninja items and see how much abuse they could hold up to. Watch the video to see how they did!

For those of you who don't know, the phrase "Mall Ninja" refers to weapons that are designed for more a fantasy or cosplay purpose than for an actual legitimate weapon. The reason they are called "Mall Ninja Weapons" is because they are referred to weapons you would see hanging on the wall of one of those fantasy weapon stores at the mall. Generally mall ninja weapons have a stand or wall plaque of some sort, or a futuristic design that wouldn't be practical for combat. You also often see them made with inexpensive thin steel and plastic that probably won't hold up to much abuse. That's why we thought it would be fun to really test some of them out and see how they would perform.

The first mall ninja weapon we tested was the Flaming Dragon Blade. This massive knife (or sword) looks intimidating, but has some design characteristics that make it a full-fledged mall ninja weapon. Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the cast metal handle, which almost looks plastic. But there are two other things that scream mall ninja. One, the blade is made from a 2CR13 stainless steel, which is a very inexpensive steel known for being corrosion resistant, but not very strong. And second, perhaps the biggest giveaway is that the blade isn't even sharpened. So, I chose to sharpen up the blade and give it a test run. Watch the video to see how it did!

The second fantasy weapon we tested was the Spiked Combat Knuckle Knife. This specific knife looks like something from an 80's movie, but rings mall ninja because of it's inexpensive design and tiny handle. The biggest problem with this knife is definitely the size of it's handle. My hand wouldn't even fit inside of it properly, which keeps me from using it effectively. Despite that, I chose to test it out as best as I could to see if the spikes would break off and if the knife itself would break. Watch the video to see how well it performed.

The third mall ninja weapon we reviewed was the Apocalyptic Spiked Club. While this doesn't technically look like a mall ninja weapon, we categorized it as one because the spikes aren't sharpened. I know that doesn't sound like a huge deal, but it also gets its ranking as a mall ninja weapon because it is made from an inexpensive wood. So, when testing it out, I was mostly concerned that the club itself would break in half when I hit something with it. Be sure to watch the video to see how easily I was able to destroy this weapon.

The fourth mall ninja weapon we tested was the Hooked Badlands Sword. When looking at this fantasy sword, it is immediately apparent why it is considered to be a mall ninja weapon. Sure, the design itself looks a little cheesy, but for me, the dead giveaway is the venting in the metal right below the blade. The other thing that seemed a little off to me was the keychains that adorned the blade. I think the idea was to make it look like the rings you see on some Chinese swords, but by adding keyrings, it created the effect of looking cheap. So, I definitely needed to test this sword out to see how much abuse it could take. Watch the video to see how it did!

The last weapon I tested in this video was the Alien Fantasy Axe. Out of all the weapons I reviewed in this video, the alien axe was by far the most mall ninja-esque. One of the defining features of a mall-ninja weapon is that they often include a wall plaque, and this axe is no exception. And, to make it more cheesy, it has a hidden blade that comes off of the axe, but is so dull that it really doesn't have any value as a weapon. But, the number one thing that rings mall-ninja to me on this weapon is the handle. The handle looks to be made of plastic. So, I needed to test this weapon out big-time to see how easily it would break. I think you will be surprised by the results.

Here's the video:

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