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Razor Chain Whip: Deadly or Disappointing?

Razor Chain Whip: Deadly or Disappointing?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I wanted to test out the Razor Chain Whip to see if it is a valid weapon or only a fantasy weapon you would hang on the wall. Watch the video to see me put it to the test!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us over the years and has been watching my videos. We just finished our busy season and are about to enter into the year 2022. Next year, we are hoping to improve our YouTube videos and add many new products to our website including survival gear.

In this video, I took a look at the Razor Chain Whip. We've carried this fantasy weapon for many years and I've always been curious about whether or not it is a real weapon that could be used for self-defense purposes. Watch the video to see how it fared!

Here's the video:

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1/8/22 - 11:46pm
Love the videos, keep up the good work! Seeing you take on the military grade tazer...Your a brave dude and funny too! Funnier than Jackass🤣😅😂

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