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Metal Nunchaku: Nylon Cord vs. Chain

Metal Nunchaku: Nylon Cord vs. Chain

Recently at KarateMart.com, we unveiled two related nunchucks that use nylon cord instead of chain and ball bearing. These chucks are part of our series of exclusive metal weapons. For those of you familiar with unique items, you know we put a lot of thought and passion into our exclusive items. Today we'd like to explore why we made two nunchucks with cord.

With the Corded Aluminum Hexagon Nunchaku and Solid Aluminum Speedchucks, you the customers get more choice when buying new metal nunchucks. But the reasoning behind getting into corded metal nunchaku goes beyond aesthetics. Here's the deal: everybody has different sized hands. Like most things, it's a byproduct of genetics and environment. To fully customize your nunchucks, you want the handles to be just a little longer than the width of the back of your hand when you hang them from your hand. When done right, it should look like this:



Having your nunchaku hang from your hand like this might not seem important until you consider wrist rolls. With wrist rolls, you can't have your hand be too big or too small for the cord. There is also a certain amount of recoil necessary for recoils off of your body when you are performing nunchaku tricks.



For most people, four or five inches is good enough. Most of what we sell at KarateMart.com has 5" chains or 5" cords. However, with a chain and ball bearing, you get a one-size-fits-all that you can't adjust. With our new solid aluminum nunchucks, we sought to remedy this issue by designing the corded aluminum hexagon nunchaku with a nylon cord instead of a metal ball bearing. Now you can restring your nunchucks to fit your hands.



Even if you don't have particularly wide or narrow hands, different cord lengths can still have different functions. In addition to the wrist rolls mentioned above, some people prefer much shorter cords for certain twirls or tricks when working with speed nunchaku. You might also find that certain nunchaku styles lend themselves to shorter or longer cords. We thus created the solid aluminum speedchucks to have the nylon cord as well.


As always, the metal weapons have the additional advantage of training you to apply more of your strength when you practice. An important feature of our two new nunchucks is that they closely resemble some of our Okinawan style nunchaku; the corded aluminum hexagon nunchaku resemble the octagon speed nunchaku. These similarities lend themselves to applying your training with metal weapons back to the lighter oak nunchaku.



The hexagonal/octagonal design of these nunchaku is a reflection of the way the human hand is structured when gripping. The edges of these polyhedral handles fit more closely into the grooves of your finger joints to help keep everything locked into place, whether you hold the handles closer to the center or closer to the end. When you're moving your nunchaku around at a particularly fast rate, that little bit of extra grip can help keep everything in your hands, instead of flying through your dojo.


We are always updating our exclusive inventory of metal weapons. We take pride in our work and hope you can take the time to enjoy our products. Maybe even like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see us post fun videos.


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3 Comment(s)
11/3/16 - 9:56am
Thanks for the blog post guys. I have also found that the chain nunchakus handles spin and the rope ones don't. Sorry if thats not clear. But you know what I mean. Some people like that.
Mark Winchester
12/17/16 - 8:21pm
The natural oak octagon chucks with cord are plain sexxy. Not so with chain. Cord all the way IMO. No chains!
11/18/19 - 11:10am
How do you measure for speed chucks length of rord

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