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5 Deadly Sai Weapon Types

5 Deadly Sai Weapon Types
So you like sai, but you're not sure which one to get. Don't worry, KarateMart has got the differences (and similarities covered) so you can pick the right sai weapon for you.

Let's first talk about the more classically structured sai. Our standard sai come in black or chrome and the chrome sai feature either a round monouchi or an octagonal one. What does that mean? It means that the central shaft has a circular circumference or one that is shaped like a stop-sign. This might seem like a silly distinction, but the octagonal design is more traditional and is more conducive to the natural grip of your hands, which might be important, depending on how you hold your sai.

The economy sai differ in a number of ways, though they are proportioned similarly. Both the Economy Chrome Octagon Sai and the Economy Black Octagon Sai have a narrow tsukagashira (pommel) and the tips on the yoku are less sharp than the non-economy sai. The moto is covered up, while the standard sai have a naked moto, showing their beautiful welds. Also, the Economy Black Octagon Sai has a more flat black finish while the Black Octagon Sai have more of a glossy black finish.

Both the economy and...non-economy sai are available in different sizes to fit different arm lengths.

But perhaps you want something a little different than your standard still-in-the-box-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle sai. There are a number of options for you.

Also called manji sai, the Yin Yang Sai have one prong going out and a reversed prong, which can help with throwing and ostensibly to protect your hands. The reversed prong also allows you to use the disarming feature no matter which way you're holding your sai. These have a round monouchi and only come in one size, 13".

Everyone's getting in on the durable plastic materials craze and we're no different. The Black Plastic Sai are made out of nearly indestructible polyethylene, which gives it a black color and a long lifespan. These plastic sai are safe for practice, since there are no pointy ends and the light weight (just under four ounces) keeps the polyethylene sai from dealing serious damage like a metal sai would. These have a round monouchi and only come in one size, 20.5".

Like the polyethylene sai, the Black Rubber Sai are great for practice. What's nice about these sai is that the rubber construction allows the sai to bend and flex, so that you can be even more sure that no one will get hurt when using these sai for practice. These only come in one size, 19".

Always the odd one out, the Jutte defies perfect categorization since it is similar to a sai, but only has one prong. You can still use the jutte for disarming, but you look a little less like Raphael. The jutte only comes in one size, 16".

In today's featured video, Corbin the Formal Ninja sits on a sewer pipe and explains the ins and outs of the Economy Black Octagon Sai, which is designed to perform amazingly well during your ninja missions without breaking the bank.

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3 Comment(s)
8/30/20 - 11:58pm
nice info on the sai but the art of combat call saijutsu i study ninjutsu it also are of the samurai late in time use as policing and law enforcement
9/17/20 - 6:35am
I've always thought of the sai as a cool weapon. One time we were talking about weapons and someone asked our sensai out of all the weapons which weapon was the best and my sensai quickly said no doubt the katana. Then someone asked well what beats the katana and my sensai told us a gun. Lol. We all laughed but then he told us about the only thing that can stop a katana is a set of psi's. He explained how he would use them to try and grab the katana and pinch it and then stop the attacker from using it by kicking them and punching them until they were stupid enough to let go of the katana to stop the volley of kicks. At which point they were done. Lol.
9/28/20 - 7:20pm
(Reply to Mikey) I would use a bo to beat a katana. it has far superior reach and if it's made correctly, it can withstand a few direct blows. Personally, Sai aren't really my weapon. They can be deadly, but I prefer slashing weapons. They ARE better than Nunchaku, which are designed to be used in practice only. Again, this is just a personal oppinion. Im not saying liking sai or nunchaku is wrong. All ninja weapons are pretty snazzy

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