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Unleash Your Inner Ninja: Choosing Nunchucks for Combat and Competition

Unleash Your Inner Ninja: Choosing Nunchucks for Combat and Competition
We know you added 'Become a Nunchaku Master' to your list of New Year's Resolutions. We all have. But which set of kung fu sticks are you going to purchase to start your journey? This week, The Modern Ninja shows some of the most practical types of 'nunchucks' that are available, as well as tips for choosing the set that is going to be right for you.

Starting off, DJ presents one of the fastest sets here at KarateMart.com, the Octagon Speed Nunchaku. While most nunchuck handles are about 1-inch in diameter, this thin design is only about 3/4ths inch, and boy do they fly! Not only are they slimmer, they come in a shorter length of 10 inches (we also sell the 12-inch version). Made for authentic red oak and secured together with a triple cord, these slender nunchaku are great for breaking the sound barrier, and can also break an opponent as well! The octagon shape of the handles is a good way to keep your grip on them without the need for texturing or adding tape, so you can keep a hold of them while you show off the natural wood. You'll be hard pressed to find a faster set of nunchucks on the market!

Next up is the Carved Dragon Nunchaku. These full-sized nunchaku are made of solid wood and carved with a stencil depiction of a dragon on each handle. The wood is stained and lacquered, giving it a beautiful shine without sacrificing your ability to hold on to it while it's swinging around your head and body. Like many of our nunchaku, this wooden set comes with a 5-inch chain and ball-bearing swivel connection for a flawless twist in any direction. If you're up to the task, then let these full-length wooden nunchaku fly!

Next, DJ shows off a set of nunchaku that may not look shiny, but are definitely the gold standard for practitioners everywhere. The Rattan Nunchaku have the same 5-inch swivel connection and ball-bearing rotation as is needed for seamless movement of the handles around your body and through space. The handles are made of 100% rattan, which is a reed that grows in the tropical climates of southeast Asia and has some beneficial properties that you don't see with wood. For instance, because this is a porous reed that gets dried out before being shaped, it has air pockets all throughout that make it much lighter than the dense fibers of solid wood. And a particular benefit for items that may be hitting or striking targets is that it doesn't shatter like wood. So if you do training that incorporates impact hits, any kind of rattan nunchaku will save you from potential splinters that can fly around like little daggers. These rattan chucks are skinless with no print, but we do offer options with a traditional burn pattern, like the Tiger Rattan Nunchaku.

Last up is one of the best sellers here at KarateMart.com, the Foam Cord Nunchaku. These padded chucks are the perfect beginner set, and they come in some great colors as a bonus. Each handle has a dense foam core that is wrapped in a soft outer foam that is going to give you the ability to hit yourself occasionally without leaving a bruise. They are lighter than most any of the other nunchaku, but still have weight enough to be responsive to any of the martial arts moves that you are trying to copy from Bruce Lee. Each handle is full color with a golden dragon decal on it, so you can feel the power in your hands as you work on your form! This version has a thick black cord connection, but if you want a chained one, you can find those here.

Which set will you be taking home? Watch as The Modern Ninja tells you what you need to know before making that decision. And as always, exercise caution when using any weapon or starting a new martial arts routine.

All of our nunchaku are sold individually, so make sure to order 2!

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