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Tiger Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
Tiger Rattan Nunchaku
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Tiger Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
(22 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
The Tiger Rattan Nunchaku is a rare breed of martial arts weapon.

Easily identified by the burnt marking pattern, this ferocious nunchaku prefers to ambush unsuspecting prey. These weapons have been known to lie in wait for days in the warm pants pockets of a martial artist, waiting for the perfect moment to lash out at any would-be prey.

Experience the ferocity of these quick-stinging chucks for yourself. You'll see that they'rrrrrrre GREAT!

Tiger Rattan Nunchaku Highlights:

  • Burnt Tiger Marking Design
  • 100% Natural Rattan
  • Swivel-Chain Connector
  • Diameter: 1" (approx.)
  • Overall Handle Length: 12" (approx.)
  • Sold Individually

Note: The exact burn pattern and the color tone of these chucks varies somewhat from batch to batch. They are a natural material and the burn design is applied by hand, so please don't be concerned if the chucks you receive are not exactly as pictured, the difference, if any, will be slight and only cosmetic.

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"Very good nunchucks for training and doing tricks! 100% recommend this product if you’re looking for quality."
Written By: Robert
7/17/23 - 12:00pm
"Rattan chucks are awesome in general. These in particular are very well made and beautiful. The chain and bearings are well constructed and durable. If you want a durable chuck between the hardwood and the practice foam, I'd highly recommend these!! I use heavier, hardwood nunchucks usually, but when I want to practice a more advanced technique I will use these. Great product for the price!"
Written By: Justin
7/9/23 - 10:54am
"The bearing itself seems to spin just find but when I whip them its like the top part of the chuck is rough to spin and has some movement that makes it grind almost. Also the rattan, while is a nice material has splinters and I have gotten a few from it first day using them."
Written By: Ryan Dominick
5/12/23 - 1:36pm
"A real workhorse for everyday workouts. Good for new routines and old. I reduced length by one inch (to 11") to suit all of my patterns."
Written By: Jerry Lee
4/27/23 - 6:07pm
"If you want a fast pair of nunchucks with a nice grip grab these ones. So fast 💨 and quick."
Written By: Stiles
4/15/23 - 8:34pm
"Best pair of Nunchaku I have ever had. And, I have been in the martial arts for over 30 years!"
Written By: Douglas K
3/24/22 - 7:27pm
"Just learning on real nunchucks. These Rattan wood nunchucks are great- great speed and swivel. Also, the reed material is lighter and more forgiving than hard wood. But, very sturdy for hard striking. Love them! Thanks Karate Mart. Great product."
Written By: Zac
10/31/21 - 12:27pm
"Came super fast,smooth and nice looking"
Written By: Jeremiah kone
10/16/21 - 8:10pm
"They are light and fast. I ordered 2. One set had 7 links and the other had 9 which pretty much ruins my chance of practicing with them both at the same time."
Written By: jeromy
3/15/21 - 9:51pm
"Love the chucks! Light and easy to wield. Fast as heck and fun. Was a nice change from the weight of the hardwoods. Only problem was my original pair had a frozen ball bearing that wouldnt spin but KarateMart sent me a replacement pair right away. I would recommend to others for sure."
Written By: Jake
3/6/21 - 2:38am
"Yeeeaahhh friggen awesome chucks! The first pair of Rattans I received had a jam in one of the of the swivels preventing proper motion and flow but when I reached out to the company about it they were easy to work with and quick to get me a new proper functioning pair free of charge! I am a satisfied repeat customer and this will not gunna be my last purchase."
Written By: Jake R
1/17/21 - 3:21am
"I'm absolutely LOVING these nunchaku. They are a great weight and a fantastic upgrade from my foam practice ones. Really easy to practice drills and just mess around with. Shipping was REALLY fast and the quality is excellent. I will definitely be purchasing more gear from Karatemart!"
Written By: Rasean
12/19/20 - 10:12pm
"Wicked fast and because of it Wicked brutal when it hits you in places you don't want it to. Very unforgiving but fast. I suggest getting some three in one oil and oiling the bearings before heavy use."
Written By: Cadigan TheBlackFire
4/9/20 - 11:55pm
"I was extremely excited to get my first wooden pair but they were not balanced One was very hevy and one was very light"
Written By: Devon
12/30/19 - 4:28pm
"Hey everyone! I have a review coming out soon on my YouTube channel about this chucks. Let me say this first. While they are good chucks, mine came very unbalanced. One chucks is noticeably heavier than the other chuck which is not ideal if your a performer or juggler. Not sure if it was just my pair or if others have had this problem. Other than that I was like pleased with these nunchaku, was excited to have my very first pair of chained chucks, too bad it didn’t work out too well for me. Still a beautiful pair to add to your collection."
Written By: Hi-ho Wisconsin Joe
11/21/19 - 12:50pm
"The Only Downside is The the handle is 12 inches which if your small its not good"
Written By: Yo Mama
8/7/18 - 7:30am
"These are amazing quality!! And are amazing looking! I have ordered a few pairs of these. "
Written By: Jesse Perkins
1/13/18 - 8:27pm
"Amazing. I'm very satisfied with the condition of the product. And for those of you who are wondering whether to buy this product, please do. "
Written By: Jorge Razo
6/1/17 - 8:56am
"My favorite pair of nunchaku. Very light, yet durable. Great for wrist rolls and they look beautiful"
Written By: Jeremy
12/16/16 - 8:19pm
"Best nunchucks so far. I've been using heavy chucks for a while. I got these and now I'm so fast I feel like Bruce Lee. Light weight and sturdy "
Written By: Jerry
4/16/16 - 11:21am
"I have to say these are a really nice nice set!!! They are light weight and have a very smooth chain and bearing and really fast. I like them so much I had to order two more pair."
Written By: H-Bomb
11/6/15 - 5:09pm
"Very light weight. I have a lot of chucks, and these are the best. The fact that they are rattan means that they weigh nothing (porous), and that they can go through anything without injury. These are lighter than my pine ones, plus they don't dent since rattan is very hard. The ball bearing swivel joint is the same as most other chucks here."
Written By: joey
1/2/14 - 6:19pm
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