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Which Nunchucks Would You Choose?

Which Nunchucks Would You Choose?
Nunchucks are one of the most popular martial arts weapons. They are widely used in tournaments and in the movie industry because of how flashy and exciting they look when they are spun around. Our customer service team is often asked which nunchaku they would recommend based on the skill level of the person using them. So, we decided to write a blog post to discuss the different options we have at KarateMart.com.

When you begin, you want your nunchucks light and soft. The Foam Cord Nunchaku and their sibling chucks, the Foam Chain Nunchaku, are definitely both of these, since they're covered in soft, safe foam.

The Tiger Rattan Nunchaku are made out of a durable lightweight material (rattan) that is less forgiving than foam, but is just as light so that you can feel sure that your arms won't get unnecessarily tired as you practice your form.

Now you're ready for some serious nunchaku work. You can choose between corded nunchucks like the Octagon Nunchaku with Cord, and chain chucks like the Polypropylene Octagon Nunchaku. Whether you prefer one or the other connector is a stylistic choice (something we've gone into before).

Take note that these two sets of nunchucks also represent different choices in materials. Wood is nice and hard. Polypropylene is hard to spell and nearly indestructible. These two nunchucks have an octagonal circumference (which is designed to fit the natural shape of your grip), but other nunchucks, such as the Black Dragon Nunchaku with Grip are made out of wood and have a circular circumference.

In our KarateMart ninja forges, we happen to make some next-level nunchaku. The Solid Aluminum Hexagon Nunchucks, for example, have a circumference that fits your grip (like the octagon nunchucks) but, because they're made out of solid aluminum, they force you to exert more power as you practice. By training your body to apply added force, you will find that your movements are harder and faster whenever you use lighter materials.

The Black Steel Nunchaku do the same thing, though they also come in a 12 inch option, which allows you to practice this way with heavy nunchucks that have the same length as your other nunchucks (12" is, after all, the average length).

And, of course, we wouldn't be KarateMart.com if we didn't also like to have fun with our original weapons. We've made ultra-thin Aluminum Trick Chucks for people who want to put on a stylish show without worrying about extra weight or dealing damage.

We've also made both the High-Impact LED Nunchucks and, more recently, their Deluxe version as a great way to show off nunchuck skills in the dark.

Which Nunchucks are your favorite? Comment Below!

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