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Nunchaku Buying Guide: Which Nunchucks are the Best?

Nunchaku Buying Guide: Which Nunchucks are the Best?
This week for Weapon Wednesday, I decided to look through the warehouse and unbox some of the various nunchaku we carry on KarateMart.com. I wanted to give people an idea of which nunchucks they should choose as a beginner and which nunchaku were more suitable for someone with more advanced skills.

I start the video by explaining why it is so important for beginners to start with a pair of foam nunchaku, but then unbox and show off some of our more popular nunchucks and explain what is good and bad about them. We thought it was important to show both corded and chain nunchaku as well as the various materials they can be made out of.

If there other weapons you would like us to show off next weapon Wednesday, please comment below and we may end up using your suggestion.

Here's the Video:

Here are the nunchucks I review in this video:

1) Foam Chain Nunchaku

2) Tiger Rattan Nunchaku

3) Natural Nunchaku with Grip

4) White Wax Wood Nunchaku

5) Red Hard Rubber Nunchaku

6) Metallic Gold Aluminum Nunchaku

7) Corded Aluminum Hexagon Nunchaku

8) Octagon Nunchaku with Cord

9) Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku

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