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What are the Benefits of Speed Nunchaku?

What are the Benefits of Speed Nunchaku?
Inquiring minds want to know: what's the deal with speed nunchaku and speedchucks? Well, the long and the short of it is that these are specialized nunchucks designed to be smaller and lighter. But what does that lead to?

Let's consider some of the differences that speedchucks offer.

1. Great for Small Hands

We aren't all gifted with a large hand span, and sometimes you get a better feel and control with narrower handles.

Even when you do have big hands, specially-designed speed nunchucks like the Solid Aluminum Hexagon Speedchucks and the Octagon Speed Nunchaku have polygonal circumferences that match the segmented nature of the human grip, allowing for a firmer hold with less slippage due to the increased surface tension.

2. Easy to Conceal

By virtue of their being thinner and lighter than typical nunchaku, it's easier to carry speedchucks in pockets or pouches.

You don't have to be a bad guy to want to hide your weapons. Some ne'er-do-wells see an armed citizen as a challenge. Surprising a hooligan with a hidden weapon like the Solid Aluminum Corded Speedchucks also creates enough uncertainty for the next time they consider attacking someone else who looks like an unarmed civilian.

3. Improve Your Reaction Time

Using speedchucks helps you train your body and mind to learn to react more quickly.

Speed nunchaku are lighter and faster, so practicing with them forces you to deal with the faster movements with painful reminders when you don't.

These faster reaction times translate to a better ability to move with precision, even when your kata are at lightning speed.

4. Less Oomph

Don't get us wrong. Unless you're using a foam set, nunchucks always hurt wherever they land. Hitting other people is the goal when you use chucks for self-defense. But hitting yourself is also a possibility when you're learning new nunchuck tricks and techniques.

Speed nunchaku carry a little less power, and so are a little more forgiving when your hands slip and you accidentally hit your hand or forehead.

Your flesh will thank you.

5. Great for Tricks

Nunchaku aren't just for self-defense or strength training. Sometimes you want to impress nearby people with fancy moves. By being smaller and lighter, speedchucks get you the extra maneuverability you need for some killer wrist rolls or between-leg aerials.

What do you like about Speedchucks? Comment Below.

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1/4/20 - 8:17pm
Hi I would like to inquire how much is your SPEEDCHUCKS. Is it possible to ship here in the Philippines? Please email me details. BR Vincent

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