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Solid Metal Nunchaku and Other Menacing Weapons

Solid Metal Nunchaku and Other Menacing Weapons
Have you ever seen nunchaku that can break a cinder block?! Of course you haven't (unless you watched our other videos), so be sure to see our video Solid Metal Nunchaku and Other Menacing Weapons! Not only do we have a solid metal nunchaku, we also have a stealthy karambit and large butterfly knife as well. Tune in to see these weapons in action!

After reviewing last week's weapons and reading some of our YouTube comments, we reviewed the Solid Aluminum Corded Speedchucks. These things are awesome! One of the best features of these nunchucks is the fact that they are made in the USA by KOMBATIV.com. These nunchaku are also made out of a solid aluminum alloy that also have prominent grip lines for added control. They also have very durable paracord to make sure that they do not fray or break over time. Since it is paracord, you have the ability to make the nunchaku the exact length of your hand, which some people love over chained nunchaku. Kyle really wanted to test them out though, so the wing chun dummy and got abused some more, but he wanted to try something harder. With these nunchaku, he was able to not only break a concrete slab, but a full cinder block as well! See the video to watch how awesome it is!

Next up was the Behemoth Black Butterfly Knife. This balisong is very unique, it is one of the largest butterfly knives that we carry, and it's very intimidating. The knife itself is made completely out of stainless steel with a black finish on it, which helps with corrosion resistance. It also has a spacer when the balisong is closed, which can also be used as an additional weapon if needed. It also has a spring latch which makes it very easy to open with one hand. The butterfly knife also has screws compared to rivets, so that you can make the knife to the exact play that you would like while using it. The venting in the handles take a bit of weight off the knife as well, making it weigh only six ounces. Watch the video to see everything you can do with this butterfly knife!

The last weapon that we reviewed today was the Dark Defense Karambit that is only available at KOMBATIV.com. The sheath is made out of kydex and has a sturdy pocket clip, so it can be worn on your belt but can also be used as a boot knife. The most apparent thing about this weapon though is that it has two holes in the karambit compared to just one. Due to this, there are so many different grips for that can be used for self-defense while also being able to do utility tasks as well. With a one inch diameter for each hole, just about anyone can use this karambit. The blade is made out of a 440C stainless steel which makes it stronger than regular 440 stainless steel, while also keeping the other properties like corrosion resistance. With the ring shape on the bottom of the karambit, it makes it very easy to transition from reverse to extended grip without issue. There is also a small ring pommel spike at the bottom while can be used for non-lethal strikes if needed. Overall, this karambit is very easy to use and great for so many different tasks. View the video to see all of the nice features!

Here's the video:

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