Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong

Price: $20.95
Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong
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Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong

Price: $20.95
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Balisongs have come a long way from their origins in the Philippines. Today, butterfly knives come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, from vibrant, brightly-colored balisongs for tricks and even to butterfly knives modeled off video game weapons. However, Batangas knives were developed for use as self-preservation and utility tools. This Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong is a silver colored Batangas knife with a sharp metal cleaver blade, good for use as a utility knife and self-defense weapon!

Butterfly knives have an iconic method of opening that differentiates them from other folding knives. With a few well-practiced flips, these compact weapons can swing open, or closed, all while holding them in just one hand! Due to their rapid opening and closing mechanism, balisongs make popular everyday carry weapons for defending oneself. Just like a traditional balisong, this cleaver blade butterfly knife also has the capability to be opened and closed quickly with one hand. When closed, this balisong is just 5" long, small enough to conceal on your person, and stays safely shut with a latch at the bottom. By unlatching the knife, opening the weapon, and latching the handle again to keep it securely locked open, you now wield a nearly 9" long knife in your hand!

This Batangas knife has a 3.75" cleaver blade, a blade that is straight on the sharp edge and thicker on the swedge, or unsharpened spine of the blade. Although this semi-rectangular metal cleaver blade is useful in chopping and slicing, the sharp point is also great for stabbing! The 4.5" handle of this cleaver balisong is also crafted from durable metal. Textured with machined indentations, the surface of this handle helps to improve your grip on this metal Batangas knife. Both the handle and blade have a shiny silver color that will flash under the light as you flip this knife open for tricks or defending yourself. Although the metal construction increases the durability of this sturdy fan knife, it does not make this weapon unwieldy or unmanageable. Weighing 4.6 oz, this butterfly knife cleaver is still lightweight enough to easily carry in your pocket or bag!

Whether you are looking for a Batangas knife with a blade for utility purposes or want to try a new blade in performing your daring balisong knife tricks, the blade of this cleaver balisong is sure to stand out among the other butterfly knives in your weapons collection. Get a Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong today!

Silver Cleaver Blade Balisong

  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Sharp Metal Cleaver Blade
  • Textured Handle
  • Silver Colored Handle and Blade
  • Latch Locking System
  • Length Open: Approx. 8.875"
  • Length Closed: Approx. 5"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 4.5"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 3.75"
  • Weight: Approx. 4.6 oz
  • Compact - Easy to Conceal and Carry!

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

DISCLAIMER:  All of our butterfly knives are shipped with the screws properly adjusted, but over time the screws may loosen and require additional tightening.  Upon purchasing, it is your responsibility to regularly check and tighten these screws, which may require you to purchase the correct tool from your local hardware store.

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"Every time I think I have a favorite butterfly knife, I come across one that steals that title, and now it's this one. A knife that feels more like a falchion you can fold up and carry in your pocket. A long broad blade with a bit of curvature to allow the point to be closer to the center allowing for better penetration, it's actually a really clever blade profile... and as one would hope, it's balanced well, and is VERY sharp."
Written By: Calen
11/20/22 - 5:24pm
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