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Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $34.95
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Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku
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Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $34.95
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On a moonlit night somewhere in Asia, a ninja silently crept through an orchard overlooking a vast ocean. Taking a route edging the steep cliffs was treacherous, but it was the quickest way to the temple where the daughter of an emperor was being held hostage. The waves crashed violently against the sharp rocks below as the ninja assassin made his way through the thickening groups of trees and up to the retaining wall behind the large temple.

Guards are stationed all along the perimeter and at posts overlooking the property. The ninja was a master of stealth, effortlessly avoiding detection as he scaled the rear wall. He traveled light, on this night only carrying his Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku with him as he snuck along the wall. He took out the guards one by one; Some were choked with the 5" ball bearing chain until they dropped to the ground without a sound; Some were hit with the durable rattan wood before they had time to react; Others were blinded by the moonlight reflecting off the gold painted dragons adorning the 12" handles and taken out before they could reorient themselves.

Once the guards were disposed of, the ninja stored his trusted nunchucks in his waistband and entered the temple through one of the hidden passageways now left open by the swift disposal of the captor's men. With just 9 ounces of lightweight weaponry, the ninja slunk along the corridors and eliminated the remaining adversaries throughout the temple. No armor, no bullets, just exceptional ninja skills and a pair of beautifully crafted chucks were all it took to rescue the emperor's daughter that night.

It's a legend often told to aspiring ninja assassins and frustrated nunchaku amateurs. It's the first lesson in the ninja playbook: There's nothing you can't conquer with a quality pair of nunchucks and the dedication to mastering your technique.

Gold Dragon Rattan Nunchaku Highlights
  • Handle Length: 12"
  • Chain Length: 5"
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Weight: 9 oz (approx.)
  • Painted Rattan Wood Handles
  • Adorned with Intricate Gold Dragons
  • Ball Bearing Chain

Note: These nunchaku are made from a natural material and are painted by hand, as such, the richness of the paint color and gold dragon design varies from batch to batch so the pair that you receive may not be exactly as pictured. However, the difference, if any, will be slight and only cosmetic.

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+   REVIEWS (1)
"These are very light and easy to swing. I love the blue with gold dragon design so they have a very sharp appearance and pack a decent punch. I will probably buy another rattan pair soon."
Written By: Li Long
12/18/20 - 11:53pm
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