Knights Templar Medieval Longsword

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Knights Templar Medieval Longsword
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Knights Templar Medieval Longsword

Price: $229.95
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Are you ready to become part of the highest order of knightly fighters? Then you'll need a Knights Templar Medieval Longsword by your side to help battle the neighboring kingdom or rescue a damsel in distress. This epic steel longsword is elegantly constructed, and as enduring as the reputation for the knights themselves!

Knights of the Templar were a military order of medieval knights created and maintained by the Catholic Church. They lived by vows similar to a monk who enters a monetary, with limited worldly pleasures, simple garb, and devotion to the church above all else. But they had far from a pacifist mindset like the monks, however, as these knights were trained and the ordered to fight for the good of the church, even if it meant slaying the enemy. The development of suits of armor fueled an arms race to create anti-armor offensive weapons that could still be maneuverable and versatile. The longsword was the popular choice from about the 11th to the 15th century, when it was then outplayed by the invention of pistols. The enhancement of chainmail also caused swords to adapt to a smaller, more piecing blade. For the knights of the Christian Crusades, having a sword that could be used with one hand or two, on foot or on horseback, and wouldn't weight them down was the driving goal for longsword design. Whether they were marching towards Jerusalem or hanging out in a commandeered castle, the Order of Templar Knights had to keep themselves armed at all times, and this created a sword that was sizable without being useless.

The weapons of the Templar Knights had the highest quality metalwork as well as decorative cruciforms and leatherwork along different parts of the scabbard and handle. These blades were substantial, so durable belts and straps were needed to keep the weapons on the knight as they rode or marched onto the battle field. Longswords are characterized by their lengthy double-edged blades, elongated handle guards, and the significantly longer handler which can accommodate one or two hands gripping onto it. This medieval sword takes the cake from all others who might oppose it! Constructed of 1060 high carbon steel, this knightly sword is less brittle than other metals, even other steel makes that may bend or break on impact. The fuller along the middle of the sword is a styled cut designed to reduce the overall weight of the blade, and it is similar to what are called "blood grooves" on a katana that allow air into whatever is sliced and, well, you get the picture. The black leather of the handle and scabbard is smooth, soft, and textured, making sure that you'll be in control of the grip either with a sweaty palm or a chainmail glove. Attention to detail went into all parts of this sharpened broadsword, making it fit to be the crown jewel piece of your medieval weaponry arsenal.

This medieval crusader sword is a Oakeshott Type XIV, which means it is classified as the 14th rendition of a knight's sword shape through the medieval era. These weapons had to evolve as quickly as the defenses against it, so adding more or less handle, edge, or pommel all became strategic in creating the best sword of the day. The Templar sword weights in at 3 pounds 10 ounces, and comes nestled in a 1 pound wooden scabbard to keep it clean and safe. It will feel surprisingly light in your hand given the size of the blade, showing that it is indeed maneuverable in hand to hand combat. With the leather stretched and stitched over the cord-wrapped sheath to give it a comfortable grip, and 3 brass buckled leather straps join in a fastened holder on the belt to make sure you can confidently carry this majestic sword. The leather wrapped handle reaches 9.25-inches long, enough room for a single or double palm grip. True to the times, this weapon has a longer steel hand guard, stretching over 9 inches across to protect your fists from incoming attacks. Both sides of the scabbard have decorative and functional stainless steel reinforcements, to keep the wood from splintering, and to give a protective cover so you can rest the sheath on the ground without compromising the leather. The pommel boasts a Templar's Cross, which makes the wearer identifiable as one of Solomon's Knights and one of their legendary swords!

Elevate yourself to royal status as part of the Knights Templar by arming yourself as one. Create an authentic combat experience, role play, or cosplay with this larger than life crusader's sword that will cause more damage points than your enemy has to spare. Find a part of your home to display this grandiose longsword as it will inspire the fellow knights in your order. Few medieval swords are as impressive as this!

Knights Templar Medieval Longsword Highlights:

  • 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Sharpened Blade with Fuller
  • Blade Length: 35 3/4" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 9 1/4" (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 3lbs 10oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 4lbs 12oz (approx.)
  • Stainless Steel Pommel: 2" X 2" X 1 5/8" (approx.)
  • Steel Handguard: 9 3/8" X 1/2" by 1/4" (approx.)
  • Total Sword Length: 45 1/2" (approx.)
  • Wooden Scabbard Length: 36 3/4" (approx.)
  • Leather Belt with Brass Buckles
  • Three (3) 3/4" Thick Leather Straps to Secure Scabbard
  • Templar's Cross Imprinted on Pommel
  • Stainless Steel Locket and Chape on Scabbard
  • Impressive Craftsmanship and Design
  • Fit for Knights of the Round Table!

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"This sword is very well made. It is sharp, durable, and not as heavy as you may think for a 4 foot long sword. The belts on it are useless, but that does not detract from the quality. It would shatter most stainless steel and Asian swords. It could easily behead someone; it is that long, sharp and strong. A great weapon that is not as expensive as you would find this quality from other vendors."
Written By: Michael
12/22/23 - 7:32am
"This sword is simply above and beyond for the price that is asked.... Matter of fact, it competes with many in the $800-$1200 range, more equal in quality to I'd say a Darksword Armory, or lower end Albion Squire line piece. The Pommel is peened, very well with few visible marks. The cross is exceptionally stamped or machined in. I enameled mine red. The grip is wood core rope around it, more like paracord, to keep the grip together in case it were to break in combat. On the outside of the grip is a thin leather coating. I do not know how this would last in combat conditions as I have never wielded such in those conditions, yet I imagine The thinner leather would give way quicker than anything else. And turn, I wrapped mine in wire for aesthetic purposes as well as durability. Moving up to the Cross guard, it is very well formed however mine was slightly loose upon arrival, which is easily fixed with epoxy and should be expected at this price point. The sword blade is incredibly flexible well made, and forged, and as I said has an Appleseed Edge already which lends the blade to be quite sharp when you put a secondary bevel on it. The Scabbard it comes with is great, however the suspension system for the sword to wear on the Belt absolutely sucks and does not hold the sword up whatsoever keep in mind however though that this is a 45 inch long weapon. The Scabbard is very well-made though being wood on the inside and a thin leather of layer on the outside capped in metal on either side. The opening is just wide enough for the sword and does not scratch or scrape. Overall I give it five stars for being an excellent Implement of display and if you needed, war or self-defense because it is a very very very durable sword they can take bending 70° easily and return to true, and cut through almost anything with ease and does not lose Edge due to its high carbon steel composition. I would recommend to anyone. It comes sharp enough to wield in battle, with and appleseed edge which is RARELY seen in swords under $1000"
Written By: Enachiel
7/16/22 - 7:25pm
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