Middle-Earth Battle Mace

Price: $79.95
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Middle-Earth Battle Mace
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Middle-Earth Battle Mace

Price: $79.95
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Defend yourself against foot soldiers, orcs, or a dark lord with this Middle-Earth Battle Mace! This single-piece polymer bashing mace is fit for any battle, no matter how epic! Take this fierce weapon with you as you journey along the map to new adventures, or battle with friendly fire to practice and train!

The mace has a long history of smashing, since that's what it is designed to do. Dating as far back as civilizations themselves, it seems that putting heavy and pointy tops on sticks has always been a favorite human pastime. Known as bludgeoners, maces, war clubs, and dude-what-is-that-quick-run, these war weapons keep coming back into style. Popularized by cavalry horse riders in the medieval era, they thought it was smart to have a big stick to smash into foot soldiers. These striking maces have changed in size and shape over the years. A feature that has stuck is the flanged 'wings' that can come in various styles and denominations, giving an iconic look to these gothic bludgeoning sticks. The brunt impact of a mace to a suit of armor would cause serious disorientation and potentially fatal damage if the metal was distorted in a way to prevent the wearer from taking a breath. But a nice bash to the head will hurt anyone, metal suit of armor or not. So the Ottoman Empire made quite a few, and different empires of the Indian sub-continent, with artifacts of mace designs found stretching as far east as China. In Russia, these flanged weapons were known as pernach. Over time, the smaller, more ornate maces were used as ceremonial, symbolic, and ritualistic symbols, and most royalty around the world can be seen pictured with a decorative hand-held mace.

This is not that ceremonial mace! It is a war weapon meant to bring pain and suffering to your many enemies! It does this by delivering weighted blows as it brings all 2 pounds 12 ounces of injection-molded polypropylene plastic around in a hurry to meet whatever unfortunate target you pick. Each 3.5-inch by 13.5-inch flange is meant to be bashed against any material you want and not back away, be it orcs, elves, or even dwarves! The 7.5-inch handle has non-slip grip grooves cast right into the plastic, which also provide a cushion to any vibrations that may travel down the shaft from the impact of the mace head. The black plastic can take a massive beating, or can smash through glass, ice, or cause significant damage to pressure points if an enemy gets too close. The spikes at either end are good for that. Compliment any great Middle-Earth costume with this destructive gothic mace, and give yourself a historical weapon with a modern twist and innovative materials!

Help defend the one ring, beat the orcs, and clean up medieval battlefields with this polymer fantasy bludgeoner! While it will make your cosplay costume stand out from the crowd, you can also find functional use with this hammering battle weapon due to it's formidable construction materials and unique shape. It is one mace to bash them all!

Middle Earth Battle Mace Highlights:

  • Injection-Molded Polypropylene
  • Grooved Grip on Handle
  • Mace Flanges at 90° intervals
  • Diamond Spikes Along Weapon Shaft
  • Total Length: approx. 33.5"
  • Handle Length: approx. 7.5"
  • Flange Length: approx. 13.5"
  • Maximum Width: approx. 8.5"
  • Flange Width: approx. 3.5" (each)
  • Pommel Spike Length: approx. 1.5"
  • Top Spike Length: approx. 1"
  • Total Weight: approx. 2 lb 12 oz
  • Night Watchman
  • Glass-Breaking Spikes at Both Ends
  • Resistant to Scratches and Punctures
  • Functional Cosplay Costume Weapon
  • Durable Single-Piece Polymer Plastic
  • Modern Gothic Design

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