Medieval Knight Sword

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Medieval Knight Sword
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Medieval Knight Sword

Price: $169.95

There are swords that knights would have liked to have, with ornate decorations, hand carved sheaths, and elaborate handle guards or pommels. This Medieval Knight Sword is what the knights would have loved to have, with the simplicity of the materials, excellent construction and ideal size. Carrying this templar weapon on your hip or back and swinging it in battle will be a breeze, so make room in your arsenal for your new every day carry sword!

The hand-forged high carbon steel has been sharpened on both sides, giving a dual edge and stabbing point to the blade. There is a grind ridge that runs down the center of the steel blade, which helps your blacksmith know how far up the edge to sharpened should the metal ever dull due to use. The razor sharp fine edges are 26 5/8 inches long, with no frills, no fullers, and no fuss. Protecting the hand of whoever holds this knight's sword is a long and pointed handle guard, curving upwards and stretching 7 1/2 inches across. These pointed tips will block any incoming swings from opponents, and could potentially give a deep poke to anyone within reach. A knight would have appreciated the simplicity of this archer's blade combined with the nimble weight and size.

During times of peace or transport, the Middle Ages sharpened sword is fitted with a wooden scabbard that is skillfully wrapped with soft black leather and stitched up the sides. The straps to secure the 2 pound 3.5 ounce medieval weapon are also leather, over 4 feet long, have various sizing holes, and 2 buckles to give you more variety in the orientation that you choose. The two buckles allow you to hold the scabbard upright between your shoulder blades, tilted towards your dominate hand from your back, or simply wrapped around your waist. Remember, the extremely sharp points of the handle guard do stick out, so you'll need to maneuver in a way that doesn't do damage to your costume or body! With a tight and expertly crafted fit between this knightly sword and the scabbard, rest assured that the blade won't be flopping around inside as you gallop towards your next battle.

The pommel of a Dark Ages sword serves a few different purposes. The rounded end of medieval handle saw a swell in size during the Middle Ages, due to knights having large metal gloves as part of their suits of armor. This reduced their hand grip range, and so if a weapon was bumped or held up defensively, the blacksmiths didn't want the swords slipping from the grasp of their beloved knights. A larger pommel meant an increased chance of keeping hold of the handle, and this pommel has a diameter of just under 2 inches across. The design is simple, with a smaller circle indentation in the center, not busy with decorations or seals of loyalty. The wrapped gripping section of the handle is 4 1/2 inches long, with black faux leather that tightly wraps around the metal beneath, and provides excellent slip-resistance to either an armored or bare hand to hold comfortably.

Should you have a vision of the Holy Grail and start out on your quest, or should you just revile in collecting various weapons from the times of yore, this masterfully constructed battle-ready sword will not disappoint. It has all the elements you need and nothing you don't, giving it a bold personality plus 2 razor sharp edges. Ready to strap to your side and defend it at all costs, this well sized and weighted Medieval Knight Sword is ideal for defending the crown.

Medieval Knight Sword Highlights:

  • Hand-Forged High Carbon Steel
  • Sharpened Dual Edge Blade
  • Blade Length: 26 5/8" (approx.)
  • Sword Length: 33 7/8" (approx.)
  • Total Length: 35 1/4" (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 3.5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2lbs 13.5oz (approx.)
  • Rounded Pommel Diameter: 2" (approx.)
  • Steel Handguard Width: 7 1/2" (approx.)
  • Wrapped Handle Length: 4 1/2" (approx.)
  • Black Leather Strap Reaches Over 4 Feet
  • Metal Buckles and Multiple Sizing Holes
  • Wooden Scabbard Wrapped in Soft Black Pleather
  • Forward Curving Handle Guard with Pointed Spikes
  • Excellent Weight to Length Ratio
  • Great for Reenactments and Staged Battles
  • Fit for Any Knight on Their Quest!

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