Knob Handle Sword Cane

Price: $49.95
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Knob Handle Sword Cane
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Knob Handle Sword Cane

Price: $49.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA or NY. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Walking sticks aren't always mere fashion accessories or walking aids. This Knob Handle Sword Cane combines practicality, elegance, and self-defense into one classy everyday carry weapon! This fancy walking cane hides a sharp hidden blade in its shaft, an ideal self-defense weapon for ladies and gentlemen looking to defend themselves in style!

Hidden in plain sight, this stylish swordstick is a concealed weapon that masks its potential beneath its classy exterior. With a smooth black shaft, a lovely silver colored knob, and shiny silver colored accents, this secret sword cane appears to be a harmless walking stick with a dignified air. Should someone happen to threaten your presence, however, this cane can transform into an effective self-defense weapon!

Constructed from solid metal, the smooth knob handle can be used to bludgeon and strike fragile joints and nerves. If blunt force damage is not enough to deter your attacker, the razor sharp blade within the shaft will make them reconsider their assault. Unscrewing the top of the cane allows you to draw the 10.5" long blade! Crafted from 440 stainless steel, this sharp blade is durable and resistant to corrosion. Sharpened on the edges and coming to a pointed tip, this concealed blade is ready to slash and stab! With your hand gripping the 6" long handle, the black textured details improving your hold, you can swing this 19" long, 1 lb 1.4 oz sword to cut your way out of an encounter! When you are done defending yourself with this self-defense weapon, simply screw the sword handle back into the shaft to keep the blade securely and safely hidden until the time comes to wield your concealed sword cane again.

While the elegant design of these self-defense canes conceals their true identities, it also makes these sword walking sticks functional walking aids as well! With a rubber toe at the bottom to improve grip, these cane weapons make practical walking tools when they aren't being used to defend you. At 36" long overall, these fancy hidden sword canes are the average length of typical walking canes. The length of this concealed blade walking stick is also helpful in a personal defense situation, the added reach allowing you to hit with the knob from a distance while sitting or standing. Weighing 1 lb 12.4 oz overall, this hidden sword walking stick is light enough to carry on a wheelchair or use as a walking cane, but heavy enough to add weight behind your bludgeons and strikes.

Portable and easy to conceal, these walking stick swords make excellent everyday carry weapons. Walk with style - and confidence in your ability to defend yourself - with this Knob Handle Sword Cane!

Knob Handle Sword Cane Highlights:

  • 440 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Solid Metal Knob
  • Sharp Concealed Blade
  • Black Handle with Grips
  • Silver-Colored Knob and Accents
  • Black Colored Shaft
  • Safely Screws Shut
  • Rubber Toe for Grip
  • Overall Length: 36"
  • Sword Length: 19"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 6"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 10.5"
  • Overall Weight: Approx. 1 lb 12.4 oz
  • Sword Weight: Approx. 1 lb 1.4 oz
  • Great Everyday Carry Weapon!

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