Pearl Handle Stiletto

Price: $16.95
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Pearl Handle Stiletto

Price: $16.95
5.00 Star(s) (2 Reviews)
After you push open the shoulder high swinging doors of the saloon, you quickly identify your table. Poker chips, dirty glasses with brown liquid, and cards all line the edge of a big circular table in the corner. They are surrounding a mountain of cash in the center. Your hand instinctively pats your two back pockets, one with your wallet, the other with your Pearl Handle Stiletto. You have both, and take a step towards the table.

This folding stiletto knife was a gift from a lady who had traveled to Italy, and came back with the exotic but practical EDC weapon. The fancy lady gave it to you in a show of gratitude after you caught her spooked horse that was making its way down the road. You kept the 420C stainless steel spring assisted knife in your back pocket, secured by the metal belt clip. Any time this knife unfolded to to full 8 3/4 inches, people gawked at the elegant pearly white handle inlays. You knew they weren't real pearl, but an epoxy swirled to create the same effect, just like you knew the fancy lady hadn't traveled to Italy to get it. Everyone in this town is a fraud.

The table has four chairs but only two were occupied, so you stroll up an take a seat. You know the sharpened Milano pocket knife can take being sat on since it is durably constructed, plus it only reaches 4 3/4 inches when folded. The dealer reaches forward and pulls the big pot of cash out off to the side, collects the loose cards, and matches eyes with you and the other seated player. He starts throwing cards in two piles, turns the flop, and sets his deck down to wait. The piano player was tapping away, and you toss in some coins to create a new pile. After some back and forth, 2 more calls and the river, you're looking at some good cards. The other player must have a good hand, as he starts pushing dollar bills into the pile.

After a few moments of consideration, and after throwing in all the money you have in your pockets, you finally reach back to pull out your prized spear point folding blade, and toss all 4.4 ounces of it onto the table. The dealer's eyes go wide as he picks it up, flips the finger tab to engage the assisted open mechanism, and displays the slender 3 7/8" sharpened blade. He tells the other player its worth, which tells you the dealer thinks highly of stiletto knives. The man folds his cards just as the dealer released the locking liner to tuck the blade back into the handle. You take your knife from the dealer, the cash from the table, and walk back out through the swinging door into the dusty street. You may not have won with a low pair, but like they say, everyone in this town is a fraud.

Pearl Handle Stiletto Highlights:

  • 420C Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ultra Sharp Spear Point Blade
  • Elegant Simulated Pearl Handle Inlays
  • Spring-Assisted Open with Finger Tab
  • Steel Housing and Locking Liner
  • Metal Belt or Pocket Clip
  • Length Open: Approx. 8 3/4"
  • Length Closed: Approx. 4 7/8"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 3 7/8"
  • Weight: Approx. 4.4oz
  • Classy Every Day Carry Folding Knife
  • Great Gift For Your Fancy Friends

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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5 star review
"The Stiletto spring assisted knives are particularly great and really sharp/handsome! One for the bedroom one for the car. I would much rather self defend if at all possible with the stun guns and mace versus my firearms and clearly it's nice to have it all in the Arsenal. 👍👍👍"
5/26/22 - 11:25am
5 star review
"Feels great in the hand and looks awesome! Sharp, functional, and concealable. A perfect standard among stilettos, great for self-defense or collection purposes."
Written By: Calen
5/25/22 - 10:10pm
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