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Costume Weapons

What good is a fake ninja without a fake ninja sword? This is where you come to add the finishing touches to your costume by finding the perfect Halloween costume weapon. Don't think we'll have that foam ninja sword you're looking for? Think again. We've got a wide variety of martial-arts-themed weapons to make sure the army of ninja and samurai that descend on this year's Halloween night will be properly armed. Scroll on to take a look at our full line of costume weaponry!

The cool thing about martial arts weapons is that they look so freakin' awesome! So awesome in fact, that even the fake versions look cool. Plus, they go with everything! Sure, you can stay traditional and keep Rubber Ninja Stars with ninjas and Plastic Samurai Swords with samurai. But you can also get as creative as you want! Who says that only a ninja can use a Shinobi Ninja Toy Weapons Set? Add it to a regular old Kids Karate Costume and you've immediately upped the cool factor of an already great costume!

Need advice on creating the ultimate martial arts costume? Need exact measurements or stock quantities of any of our items? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our helpful team of customer service professionals will be happy to offer help with anything you may need.
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Products 1 - 24 of 41
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