Personal Alarm Keychain

Price: $13.95
Personal Alarm Keychain
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Personal Alarm Keychain

Price: $13.95
We carry our keys in our hands or pockets as we walk through the areas we frequent on a daily basis, such as the parking garage after work, city sidewalks for errands, or the streets for an evening walk. Unfortunately, thieves, attackers, and predators also frequent these areas, waiting in the dark for a distracted, unprepared person to make their next easy victim. Your keys, however, could be armed with the Personal Alarm Keychain, an everyday carry weapon for scaring off attackers, soliciting help, and lighting your way in the dark!

Most attackers are looking for easy prey. Fumbling for their keys in their bag or purse or aimlessly wandering in the dark while searching for their car, a distracted or lost person makes an ideal victim. By the time they notice an attacker, the threat is already within range to attack. However, if a victim fights back or draws attention to the situation, an attacker may back off, unwilling to risk a fight or get noticed committing the act.

When thinking of self defense and everyday carry weapons to help escape this type of situation, a noise keychain does not usually come to mind. But this keychain, which appears to be an ordinary key fob, is loud self defense alarm, capable of emitting a 130dB alarm to deter attackers! This extremely loud siren is at the auditory threshold of pain, comparable to that of a jet takeoff or ambulance siren, and is at a higher decibel level than city traffic. Not only can this ear piercing sound startle attackers, causing a temporary window for you to pull out one of your other self-defense weapons or escape, it will alert others in the area. Because an attacker may not want to risk being caught, the noise alone from this alarm keychain may be enough to scare them away! This siren keychain is also equipped with a bright LED flashlight, perfect for helping you see your way in the dark and prevent you from appearing disoriented. You can even flash the light in an attacker's eyes to help you make your escape and get to safety.

You can conceal this hidden weapon in plain sight! This plastic flashlight alarm keychain is black, blending in among your set of keys like a harmless keychain as it hangs from its metal ring and chain. Its dimensions are 2.5" x 1.25" x 0.5", similar to the size of a car key or fob. This everyday carry keychain weighs only 1.2 oz so it will not weigh down your set of keys. Just as it is easy to carry, this black self-defense alarm is also easy to use! Pressing the red "ALARM" button will sound the alarm and pressing the white button will activate the bright flashlight. This personal alarm flashlight keychain also comes with a long-lasting alkaline battery that you are able to replace.

Don't underestimate this self-defense siren alarm. For a self defense weapon that you can carry nearly anywhere, take this Personal Alarm Keychain and put your safety into your own hands!

Personal Alarm Keychain Highlights:

  • Loud 130dB Alarm
  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • Long Lasting Alkaline Battery
  • Plastic Construction
  • Metal Keychain and Ring
  • Black Color - Stays Hidden
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.25" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 ox (approx.)
  • Looks Like an Ordinary Keychain!
  • Great Everyday Carry Weapon!

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