Yawara Self Defense Tool

Price: $21.95
Yawara Self Defense Tool
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Yawara Self Defense Tool

Price: $21.95
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Yawaras are traditional Japanese weapons that have been used as a part of their martial arts practices for centuries. Typically, they are made out of wood, but modern versions have been made of various metals. Our Yawara Self Defense Tool is one of the many different modern versions! It is used similarly to a kubotan, in that you can use it to strengthen your fists during punching, wrist locks, striking, and poking pressure points.

Constructed out of sturdy aluminum, this tool will be able to take a beating and keep you safe. The approximate length of this kubotan style weapon is 5 inches, while the approximate width is 1 inch. It only weighs 4.5 ounces, which makes it very convenient to carry on your person. The yawara has a matte black finish and metal ribs in the middle for improved grip!

Change is always a good thing. Traditional yawaras made out of wood seem so old-fashioned compared to our modern updated version. Yawaras may not seem very intimidating at first glance, but they are one of the better self defense weapons you can easily purchase! If you would like a more traditional styled yawara, then check out our Natural Stained Wooden Yawara.

Yawara Self Defense Tool Highlights:
  • Approximate Length: 5 inches
  • Approximate Width: 1 inch
  • Approximate Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Made from Resilient Aluminum
  • Metal Ribs for Improved Grip
  • Matte Black

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"Very solid with the reassuring heft of metal. I must admit to a preference for Cold Steel’s Kogas. This however has its appeal when the solid heft of metal is desired. I also have the Wooden Yawara. I like having a “buffet” of weight, material and size to choose from."
Written By: Nick in CA USA
1/24/24 - 2:37pm
"Extremely well made yawara. Built to take and give a beating.Reminds me of a dula dula."
Written By: Nick
10/2/20 - 10:11am
"A very nice set of Yawaras, buy 2, one for each hand! They have a nice well balanced feel, with some heft to them, but not too heavy to compromise striking speed. Nice pointy ends for applying to pressure points, or practicing hammer fists and slashing moves."
Written By: Bluce Ree
9/22/20 - 4:52pm
"This is actually my favorite EDC item and it's severely underrated as a self defense tool. I've been obsessed with Yawaras since I discovered them three years ago and this model is my favorite. I even have custom made versions that cost 3 times as much and don't perform any better. In testing I've easily cracked coconuts, broken boards, and severely dented pots & pans with this Yawara. It also doubles as an emergency glass breaker too, so it's great to keep in the car."
Written By: Joe
10/10/17 - 9:49pm
"Very good product, it is compact and have some weight to it (making it perfect for weight loaded punches) also the the points on the sides are perfect for pressure point manipulation and for hammer fists or even frontal strikes with the other end. The body of the weapon is really solid. The weight is ideal to carry it in your pocket without creating a big bulge that could cause alarm. Like always check your local laws before carrying this item. Be advised mine didn't have no finger grooves like the one shown in the picture, but nevertheless a very good quality item. I will be buying another one."
Written By: Shadow N
6/23/17 - 10:27am
"very good weapon for self defense. it's very small and portable. I definitely recommend this weapon (tool)."
Written By: Arnisador11
10/6/14 - 3:38pm
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