Automatic Spring Baton (20.5")

Price: $44.95
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Automatic Spring Baton (20.5")

Price: $44.95
5.00 Star(s) (2 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to CA, NJ or PA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

For those that are concerned about personal safety, this Automatic Spring Baton will put your mind at ease. With the click of a button, this spring loaded police baton extends from a collapsed 8.5" to a whopping 20.5" in a split second. This telescoping baton has enough power to injure your attacker with simply the force of the baton opening, but is meant to be swung like telescoping police batons or escrima sticks. This is an immensely effective self-defense weapon.

Automatic Spring Baton (20.5") Highlights:

  • Steel baton with black color finish
  • Black rubber grip with finger grooves
  • Sturdy vinyl holster for easy access
  • Spring action alone can deter an attacker
  • Easy to collapse - Just thrust it against a hard surface and follow through
  • Approximate Weight: 1 pound, 3 ounces

Baton Dimensions:

  • Extended Length: 20.5" (approx.)
  • Concealed Length: 8.5" (approx.)

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5 star review
"Everyone that knows me, Knows Im a weapons guy. Knife, gun, stun gun Im the guy to go to. I have been in the weapons trade since the 90s. Worked for many of the highest end weapons' companies in America and always been freelance on the side. Currently I am with aerospace weaponry. All I can say about this baton it doesn't remotely f around. I got it superfast. These guys are great, look forward to doing bussiness with these guys. They know whats up without a question. <br /><br /> <b>KarateMart.com Response: </b>Thanks Mac! I really appreciate that! We try hard to ship orders out as quickly as possible and it's so nice to hear some positive feedback!</b>"
Written By: Mac the knife
11/15/21 - 1:12am
5 star review
"In a nut shell I am VERY IMPRESSED! After seeing this item in the video I had to get it. Looking around this was the best price and I am happy to have purchased it from Karate Mart! It arrived in just a few days and even had a Thank You with my name on it, a nice personal touch! A little bit about me: I was in security, 5 years, and was a security supervisor, 3 years, and have seen, and own, numerous pocket knives, sprays, and batons as well as other accessories and small weapons. Other than how long a few of the batons I have seen/own none have impressed me until now! Here is how it did so. 1. It is very compact, even thinner than i thought it was going to be, and does accurately measure 8.5" when closed and 20.5" When open. From the handle up is about a 15.5" reach, which isn't bad at all saying my 26.75" baton, of choice, only had about a 17" reach as it had a lot more length in the handle, not to say the 5" handle is too small - the proper way to wield a baton IS one handed, per training, and my larger hand fits on it well. Just what I was looking for - compact and easy to carry! 2. The case is of good quality and works very well with the baton too. I tried to open it in the holster, just to see what to expect should it happen while wearing it, and the case actually held the baton firmly and stops it from opening. Upon doing this again it did open up but only a little and very slowly as the groves in the handle caught on the holster's strap. 3. The simple, but effective, safety switch works well. I tried ways to make it fail with no luck. I am comfortable even tossing it in my pocket without the holster as I trust it will not open unless I want it to. 4. It snaps right out at the click of the trigger/switch. Oh disclaimer: by no means point this at anyone! It does shoot out quick and it can hurt someone with it opening alone! It also has a bit of intimidation factor on the sound and action. VERY EASY TO USE! 5. Finally the quality. Having held many different batons I have to say this one is an excellent choice. The weight is about the same, if not a little more, than other collapsable metal batons but it has a thicker and seemingly stronger metal, which you need if you are actually thinking about using it to defend yourself. It is also well designed as the pieces of the baton move well together and provide a rigid uniform once fully extended, not wobbly like the cheap ones - which will help it last longer if you do ever have to use it as it will not break in one or two hits, which i have seen happen to a cheap baton. The grip feels very nice and comfortable, flexible and soft, grippy, rubber. Believe it or not the trigger/switch actually does not make it uncomfortable to hold either, holding both as a closed fist around it and open thumbed towards the tip. The only thing I wish could be different is if it could come in a larger size. Something more for home protection than compact, and on the go, personal protection. I train with blunt objects, tonfa, bo staff, and of course batons, for protection and would LOVE to see a longer 2 handed version of this! I strongly recommend this product to police and security as well as any fellow baton enthusiast or anyone looking for an effective and compact blunt defense weapon!"
Written By: Greg
11/15/17 - 3:39pm
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