Automatic Spring-Loaded Baton (26")

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Automatic Spring-Loaded Baton (26")

Price: $44.95
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Cannot be shipped to CA, NJ or PA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

The best self-defense weapons are hidden until you need them. This Automatic Spring-Loaded Baton (26") will stay put in its holster until you flip the security lock and extend the telescoping steel rod. The need to defend yourself may never come, but you won't want to be without one of these defensive EDC weapons if it does!

Commonly used by police and military officers, professional security guards, and riot or SWAT teams, the baton has been a staple non-lethal weapon used by authority figures for centuries; Eons, actually, since there is record of ancient Egyptians carrying long sticks during the building of the pyramids. These hard hitting weapons have continued to be utilized to stop heated arguments, end close combat struggles, and derail trains of thought. Since they are not meant to obliviate your opponents, modern batons are generally used to keep the peace rather than incite violence.

This automatic expanding baton is spring loaded, meaning that the spring inside is ready to push out the collapsed rod at the press of a button! Once you release the security lock that prevents it from opening accidently, you'll have the expanded bludgeoner ready to use in a fraction of a second. This locking mechanism can then be used to prevent the extended shaft from collapsing until the quick lock latch is released. The steel shaft has a 7/8" diameter metal cap, which is larger than usual and ready to strike large muscle groups and sensitive points of contact to administer the greatest amount of pain with the smallest amount of force. A swift whack of the 15" steel rod to a self-defense pressure point could be just the right amount of persuasion to get an assailant to back off. With proper training, this expandable steel baton can get the message across without too much effort, making it an effective everyday carry weapon.

You won't always need your baton expanded and at the ready, especially if you are on a watch duty or third shift when things are quiet. The metal baton can be placed in the convenient holster and secured to your belt loop, so it is right on your waist if you need to reach for it. With a closed length of 11.5", wearing this collapsed nightstick means that you can comfortably have it on your side while sitting down, even in a motor vehicle. But if you need it, a simple flip of the Velcro strap will allow you to pull the baton out, grip the non-slip rubber handle, and flip the quick release switch. Extended to its full 26" size, this correctional staff is ready to do the talking for you if others are not willing to listen! To close this telescoping baton, the rod needs to be pressed back into the activation spring. You can do this by striking all 23 ounces of this expandable bludgeon straight into a hard surface (such as cement or concrete ground) and turn the locking latch to secure it closed until the next use.

Any law enforcement officer knows that things can get rough, and they need to have protection that is simple yet effective enough for every day carry. Whether your day to day means you need to suppress an advancing mob, intimidate villains who mean harm to yourself or others, or overcome an assailant who has unexpectedly attacked you, having a simple defensive weapon to humble your opponent can be as easy as strapping this defense baton to your side and letting the automatic spring-assisted open do the work for you when you need it the most. In the case of emergency or urgency, there is a metal alloy spike on the bottom of this baton that can break through glass, or be introduced to a pressure point for the timely subjugation. A black lanyard cord is included for you to loop it through the hole at the bottom and wrap it around your wrist, so the baton won't leave your hand by accident.

For low profile, compact compliance tools, this automatic expanding truncheon with a passive spring and steel rod is going to be a great option. It fits nicely by your side, inconspicuous and out of sight until you expand it in the blink of an eye with the press of a button. This low-tech EDC weapon is a simple way to keep yourself and others safe, whether it's your sworn duty to do so, or you're a humble citizen with a heart of gold.

Automatic Spring Loaded Baton Highlights:

  • Expanding Steel Shaft
  • Rubber Handle for Non-Slip Grip
  • Fast Open with Release Button
  • Widened Tip for Effective Strikes
  • Length Closed: 11.5" (approx.)
  • Length Open: 26" (approx.)
  • Weight: 23 ounces (approx.)
  • Black Nylon Holster with Belt Loop
  • 4142 Alloy Window Breaker Spike
  • Includes Optional Wrist Strap
  • Locking Mechanism for Secure Close and Open
  • Durable Materials and Assembly
  • Police Grade Protection

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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5 star review
"Solid build and surprisingly well balanced."
Written By: James
12/15/22 - 10:57am
5 star review
"This Baton its an awesome all day carry impact self defense tool tested by our law enforcement students and instructors at Dojo. We specialized in all Japanese Police tokusho Keibo official duty style tactics. This baton its known in the first version developed at the Edo Period by the Japanese Police (Taiho-Jutsu) as Tobidashi Jitte or the (expulsion arresting rod) of that era evidenced at the classic Yumio Nawa Sensei book. There is many videos on youtube from china conducting destructive test on this baton and you can get amazed about the resistance and resiliency of this item that make justice to the humble price on karatemart. another peace of mind tool on your pockets to conceal.. Recommended."
Written By: Toyama Kai Police Tactics Dojo
5/10/22 - 8:20pm
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