Expandable Polycarbonate Baton

Price: $34.95
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Expandable Polycarbonate Baton

Price: $34.95
4.67 Star(s) (3 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to CA, NJ or PA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Sure, metal batons are nice weapons, but we're living in the 21st century. Your bludgeoning weapons need to fit with the times. That's why the Expandable Poly Carbonate Baton should be in your repertoire of self defense accessories.

You can easily see that this collapsible baton is a welcome part of our shared future with the Tough Polycarbonate Material that is light and strong so you can smash away at your targets with reckless abandon. The end extension shaft is reinforced with a steel core. Combine this with the way the night stick can expand from 9" to a heaping 22 inches with a quick snap to enhance your reach and you'll know how to intimidate those around you.

You'll also marvel at the sleekly-designed Rubber Handle that just won't quit. You might be wondering how that's supposed to be so futuristic when the vulcanization of rubber was patented in the 19th century. The sleek design keeps your sweat from making the handle slippery. In our extensive baton experience, slippery sweaty hands are the biggest factor in a night stick flying out of your hand mid-caning.

This collapsible rubber grip baton comes with a durable Nylon Carrying Sheath that you can put on your belt. In your futuristic dealings, you'll be able to carry around your collapsed baton hands-free until it's time to defend yourself against wandering bandits or high-fashion gangsters. When you're done, the baton collapses into a convenient nine inches. Just thrust it against a hard surface and follow through.

Get an Expandable Polycarbonate Baton today so you can use it for your tomorrow.

Expandable Polycarbonate Baton Highlights:
  • Durable Poly Carbonate Construction
  • Quick Telescoping Action
  • Rubber textured handle handle for control*
  • Metal Cap for Extra Bite
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to Collapse
  • Total Weight: 9 oz (approx.)
  • Compacted Length: 9" (approx.)
  • Extended Length: 22" (approx.)

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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5 star review
"This one its the practice baton recommended and required for our basic law enforcement students at dojo because in Asian Law Enforcement Academies need a lightweight non concussion practice tool for a 30% full contact demonstrations at the baton class or kumite. Originally not for street defense because tends to warp or bend easy, but in last resource can be also effective to create a distraction strikes for defense but not recommended for a full contact defensive on (Michi-Waza) full force street defense. Its an standard training baton for dojo or classes."
Written By:
5/10/22 - 8:45pm
4 star review
"I was disappointed at first. The end extension shaft is steel,not Polycarbonate, expecting something more like a Kali stick in weight. It needed lubricant, first few time I extended it, needed a hammer to get it collapsed again. Working good now with Wd40 and broken in a bit. Makes a great weapon. If you don't mind the steel shaft it is very sturdy and works great. Probably better balanced than an all steel one.<br /><br /> <b>KarateMart.com Team Response</b>:<br /> Thank you for your review, Allen. The end extension shaft has what looks like a steel core, but the exterior is, indeed, polycarbonate. <br /> We do not recommend using WD40 or lubricant on telescoping weapons, as it can weaken the extension. A tip on collapsing them is to make sure you follow through on the motion, rather than doing a quicker jab."
Written By:
12/15/19 - 10:09am
5 star review
"Awesome.i give it five stars ;) keep up the good work ;)"
Written By:
3/14/18 - 5:23am
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