Black Extendable Baton Keychain

Price: $22.95
Black Extendable Baton Keychain
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Black Extendable Baton Keychain

Price: $22.95
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Cannot be shipped to CA, NJ or PA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Defend yourself with the Black 12 Inch Extendable Baton Keychain. This tiny baton expands from a small 5.5" key fob to a one-foot weapon of life preservation.

Made from hardened steel, the collapsible baton resists warping and extends out easily. Just flick the baton in your wrist like a whip and the friction lock design of the telescoping baton will secure the steel shafts in place. Where before you had a keychain accessory, you now have a weapon.

When you'd like to recollapse the telescopic baton, you can do so by driving the end down against a hard surface. If you follow through, then the friction lock breaks and the pieces go back into the handle for safe keeping and easy carrying.

The pocket baton is black and the handle has knurling to give you an unbeatable grip. There's also a key holder on the bottom end of the baton, which you can use to hold your keys or to create a little hook to secure the baton on your belt. Order your own and see how easy self-defense can be.

12 Inch Extendable Baton Keychain Highlights:
  • Length: 12 inches (5.5" collapsed)
  • Made from hardened steel
  • Telescoping action, so it can be deployed quickly
  • Knurled handle for control
  • Metal cap on the end for extra bite
  • Weight: 10 oz (approx.)
  • Black Color (Also Available in Chrome)
  • Easy to collapse - Just thrust it against a hard surface and follow through
  • Keychain for easy on-the-go carrying

Disclaimer: The small piece that holds the key ring to the baton is not nearly as indestructible as the weapon portion and has been known to fall of. It's attached with a small screw and is easy to remove or replace if you're the handy type.

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"The best defensive weapon you can have is the one that you actually have with you. That way it's a good idea to have a defensive weapon that you can only leave behind if you don't take your car keys as well. Which is really dumb, as the best defense is running someone over with your car. Measuring 5 1/2" telescoped and 12" extended, not most effective in swinging on an opponent (although a little skull cracky would still hurt) best for thrusting and pain compliance. With a noticeable heft, think of it like a kubaton on steroids. The only downside I can think of is you might want to put a quick release between it and your keys, because having it dangling from your car ignition could really mess up the keyhole, and it might be kind of annoying banging against your knee. All in all, a smart choice and excellent value, especially at this price. Keep in mind, as with all batons you will likely have to break it in before it will extend smoothly and easily."
Written By: Michael
12/16/21 - 12:22pm
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