Black Tactical Pen

Price: $17.95
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Black Tactical Pen

Price: $17.95

Keeping safe while taking care of business is now easier with the Black Tactical Pen! Jump from a scholar to a lethal black-ops agent in a matter of seconds when danger presents itself, either in the form of a would-be attacker or becoming trapped after a natural disaster. It is important not be caught without a reliable survival aid to help you through to safety.

The pen is mightier than the sword they say. Although the phrase was meant in influence, it is now true for a tactical advantage as well! We take for granted when we travel to business meetings, or are doing paperwork in a public place that we are infinitely safe. Keeping a self-defense weapon at hand (or in hand) will keep your mind at ease no matter what your business is, who you are with, or where your next appointment is located. This black stealth pen is made of anodized aluminum, making it lightweight, durable, and comfortable for every day use as a writing utensil. Each tip section has non-slick ridges for control while using. Do you think that only famous spies get to use cool covert weapons when they're out on a mission? Think again! Make sure your coworkers, loved ones, and of course yourself all have the protection they need while not being weighed down by larger EDC weapons.

Personal every day carry protection had a surge in the 1960s when Soke Takayuki Kubota refined an invention of his father; a sharpened bamboo stick that was pocket sized and would be effective in close combat. This fully functional writing pen provides the same hidden survival tool as was intended with the kubatons, but instead of being in your coat pocket or purse, it is closer to you as you write memos or sign checks. The intent of all self-defense weapons is to incapacitate an assailant so you can escape and get to safety. Administering a forceful blow with the blunt tip of this durable aluminum device will cause enough damage to stop any attacker. Most effective at vulnerable pressure points, this compact pocket weapon can give David the tactical power to overcome Goliath. In moments of attack, don't be without protection that is effective and easy to use.

When it is not practical to have bulky survival gear on hand, consider this hidden kubotan EDC pen an essential self defense tool that can save lives in a critical situation. Being trapped in a car that has gone underwater is terrifying, as we have all seen the movies with actors struggling to break the windows to get to the surface. The carbide tip glass breaker protruding slightly from the black cap provides the striking point to assist in busting out of that glass or ice and rescuing yourself and others. Natural disasters can also create situations that would require breaking glass to get to air, call for help, or move out of danger's way. Having this tactical pocket pen around means having relief around in case of these traitorous situations.

With the global commerce at an all time high, doing business means traveling to unknown places and meeting strangers in person to create good business relationships. Knowing that you have a concealed EDC weapon in your purse or coat pocket may give you the confidence you need to close the deal, and to walk tall to your hotel or office for the next face-to-face. Whether it is your primary writing device or placed in a desk drawer with your other pens, this kubotan-style ballpoint pen is a great idea to have in your office or in the glove compartment of someone you love.

Black Tactical Pen Highlights:

  • Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Carbide Glass-Breaker Tip
  • Quick Switch from Writing Pen to Weapon
  • Cap Length: Approx. 2 3/8"
  • Dual-Sided Pen/Impact Section: Approx. 4 3/8"
  • Total Length: Approx. 5.25"
  • Aluminum Pocket Clip Length: 1 7/8"
  • Total Weight: Approx. 1.6 ounces
  • Black Ink with Ballpoint Tip
  • Easy to Conceal, Discreet Self Defense

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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