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The Perfect Knife Does Exist! New Knives Reviewed & Tested

The Perfect Knife Does Exist! New Knives Reviewed & Tested
What knife would you choose if you wanted a new knife? That's the question that Kyle asked himself after realizing that he didn't have a knife for a recent camping trip. With that thought in mind, we ended up choosing three knives that we thought would be ideal for the outdoors and even in self-defense situations. If you're interested in a new knife, be sure to check out The Perfect Knife Does Exist! New Knives Reviewed & Tested!

After showing off the winner of last week and spoke about a few of our YouTube channel comments, Kyle took a look at the Black Ops Tactical Knife that is only available on KOMBATIV.com. This knife has a very unique story since it was designed by a SWAT team member in Ohio and it is meant for multiple different tactical purposes. The knife starts with having a very heavy duty kydex sheath that has been form fitted to the blade to have a very secure hold. The sheath also has an adjustable belt clip so that it can be worn for either a left or right handed person. The blade itself is a modified recurve blade that makes the tip of the knife very sharp. The blade is also made out of D2 steel with a stonewash finish, which makes it very wear resistant and durable. The stonewash finish also helps with covering blemishes over time with use. The blade also goes all the way through the scales, making it full tang. The handle is made out of a very comfortable G10 with an ergonomic grip gives a person excellent control with this knife. It also has a thumb rise and an excellent place for jimping for added control as well. When testing this knife, he was very surprised with how easily it passed everything. In the end, this was one may have been his favorite of the day when used for its intended purposes. Once again though, it is only available on KOMBATIV.com. See the video to watch this knife in action!

The second knife tested was the Combat Panga Machete. The first thing that was noticeable right off the bat was that this machete is made out of a stainless steel, so he wanted to do a comparison between this machete and the previous knife. The panga machete was made has been used in Africa and the Caribbean and it is known for having a wide curved blade. After noticing the wide belly of the knife, the next interesting feature was the dulled sawback. It was able to slightly saw into the pallet, but overall it seems more like an aesthetic appeal than anything else. The blade is full tang and goes all the way throughout the handle and also has a very sturdy stainless steel pommel. The handle is made out of a very comfortable thermoplastic which has slight jimping for added control. It also has a nice hand guard to prevent any slippage while using the machete, and also have an excellent placement for your thumb as well. While the panga was not the best at slicing through fabric, it was strong enough to break through concrete with minimal damage. There was some small chipping in the blade, but overall it held up much better than what Kyle thought. Overall, this panga is great its price and can still be very handy in the outdoor. Watch the full video to see what it can do!

Finally, the last knife that he showed off was the Urban Tactical Pocket Knife. This folding knife is one of the reasons why Kyle wanted to make the video. He ideally wanted a small knife to fit in his pocket for emergency situations. This knife overall is great! It has two different ways to open it, thumb studs and a flipper. It also has a very smooth ball bearing opening. Like the first knife, this one is also made out of D2 steel which once again, is very durable and has great wear resistance while also not breaking the bank. The locking mechanism is one of Kyle's favorite thing about this knife as well. It is a DLM lock, which stands for the Dynamic Locking System. It is very similar to an axis lock or a bar lock, but it differs since this locking mechanism has a horizontal sliding lock instead of a vertical one. This makes it very secure in your pocket and makes it very sturdy while using the knife as well. The blade itself has a clip point blade with a very sharp blade and tip, while also having a swedge on top. The scales of the knife are made out of a comfortable G10 and also has an ergonomic grip. It also has a lanyard hole and has a removeable pocket clip so you can reverse it for either right or left handed people. The blade is so sharp that it cut fabric easily and also survived the batoning test. Overall, this knife has so many great features. Tune into the video to see the full review!

Here's the video:

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