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Automatic Switchblade vs Deadly Karambit Knife - Tested and Reviewed!

Automatic Switchblade vs Deadly Karambit Knife - Tested and Reviewed!
The pen may be mightier than the sword, but what about a full tang karambit?! On this week's Weapons Wednesday, they go head to head to figure it out. With so many cool blades coming out from KarateMart.com, it's hard to pick just a few to show off, but these weapons were itching for the spotlight. The Modern Ninja gets to take a stab at demonstrating how each weapon is supposed to be used. Sit back and enjoy this week's installment of taking modern weapons to the limit!

First up, the 'Modern Tactical Wakizashi': is a force to be reckoned with! Wakizashis have a slightly shorter blade than a katana, making it more nimble and easier to swing through the air. Or swing through flaming pineapples?! This forged creation is full tang spring steel, reaching all the way through the modern textured handle. With a blade this razor sharp, what WOULDN'T you slice?!

Next, the 'Classic Hawkbill Switchblade': (which is available only at 'KOMBATIV') holds a candle to it's own name. This folding knife has a push-release button, classifying it as a switchblade, but it won't retract into the handle until you press a release on the side. While classic in construction, this modern pocket knife has a curved hawkbill blade that fits perfectly into the curved white epoxy handle. Not a style you see on a switchblade very often, so take a good look, then find where it will fit into your collection!

After that, the 'Modern Tactical Karambit': takes the stage, and boy is it ready! With super sturdy materials, including a D2 steel blade, this knife has everything you need in a tactical weapon. The sheath with breakaway chain allows you to carry it concealed until you need it, and then it can be in your hands and slicing at a moment's notice. Not all karambits are created equal, but this modern version would take down the whole citadel if you let it!

Lastly, the 'Dragon Shadowblade Sword': gets the limelight. That light is going to turn blue when you unsheathe the 65 Manganese spring steel blade that has a blue anodized pattern all over it! This gorgeous sword is a modified katana that has a dragon decorated hilt instead of a handguard, and a dragon pommel for extra style points. The embossed scabbard is as beautiful as the sharpened blade, making this long sword great for display. Where would you hang this dragon-inspired sword at your casa? We suggest the front room, because why not!?

Watch the Video Here!

Just as a reminder, those handling these weapons in the video have years of training and are familiar with handling them safely. Please be responsible and careful whenever handling sharp objects (even if you've been a ninja for many moons).

Until next time, may your throws be true, your targets plenty, and your weapon collection ever-growing!

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