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Are Stun Guns Good for Self-Defense? Shock Cane & Stun Baton Tested!

Are Stun Guns Good for Self-Defense? Shock Cane & Stun Baton Tested!
Guess who's back! Kyle dropped by the studio this week and Amanda took advantage of the situation by testing out some of our newest and greatest selling stun weapons. And this video's third host, Ian, is responsible for the birth of the KarateMart YouTube channel almost 10 years ago. You'll be laughing along with Amanda as Kyle and Ian feel the receiving end of some serious stunners on this week's Weapons Wednesday video!

Firstly, welcome back to Kyle! He has been busy the last few months, but wanted to drop in and say hi. Well, he got a shocking reception to say the least.

Okay, on to the items. This stun gun is brand new to the KarateMart.com website, so go check it out. It's the Hammer Fist Stun Gun, and it is a mean one! This EDC is fashioned out of hard ABS plastic and given a knuckle guard that has the shocking points on the outer side. On all of these weapons, the manufacturers say 'High Voltage', because the output of any shock device is heavily dependent on many factors, making it difficult to measure.

So this hammer striker is extremely easy to hold onto, and it has a pointed metal spike on one end that can be removed and reveals a ball point pen. On the knuckle guard with the electrodes is a bright LED flashlight that will serve you well while out in the darkness. And with the crackle of this handheld stun gun, you'll get your social distancing and then some. We've had a different item, the Hammer Strike Stun Gun, which has been very popular because of it's compact size and effective spiked front.

The next item up for display is the Self-Defense Stun Baton, and it's a popular one! Not only is it made out of durable aircraft aluminum, it has some gnarly bits near the top that are going to leave a mark if you get hit with it. That being said, this stunner is a great size for carrying around while on patrol because it is not too large or too small, and it has a bright flashlight out of the top that will be extremely practical in any dark situation. The electrodes circle the top as well, and they give off a mean-sounding zap when you fire it. But does it work? Watch the video to find out!

Lastly, Ian and Kyle bring out the big one. They show off the Self-Defense Stun Cane which has 7.5-inches of electrodes wrapped around the base of the cane. This is a huge advantage for those that are using the cane as a functional walking aid, because they aren't going to have the balance to swing or duck if someone is coming at them aggressively. It's a great cane first, with a rubber stopper foot (comes with an extra), adjustable shaft, and perpendicular handle. When it gets dark or shifty out, it can be engaged to be the kind of self-defense item that Zeus would appreciate. It can support a person up to 250 pounds and is comfortable for someone up to 6 feet tall, but anyone can manage to press the on button and swing during an emergency situation. You won't let people walk on you just because you require a cane to walk!

Share this video with a friend who needs a good laugh! As always, exercise caution when handling any weapon, especially stun devices. You don't want to shock yourself by literally shocking yourself!

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