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Four Mindblowing Features of Our New Metal Weapons

Four Mindblowing Features of Our New Metal Weapons

We love getting cool martial arts stuff to you, our loyal followers. But, when we get an opportunity to make our mark in the world and apply our creative talents to actually design new goods, it's much more fulfilling. We did it before with the collapsible bo staff. Today we would like to showcase the newest fruits of our labor. Here's what you need to know about our new metal weapons.

1) They are durable

 For those of you with no experience with metals, it might surprise you that they are generally hard and resistant to breaking. For example, the Steel Bo Staff and Steel Escrima Stick are made from 14-gauge steel, which has been shown by science to be very resistant to wearing. Our other new weapons are made from a durable aluminum alloy, which is similarly hard and metallic.







Upon close inspection, you may find your fingerprints





2) They are excellent for training.

Have you ever picked up something that was lighter than you expected? Let's say it was a toilet you wanted to move. Toilets are normally pretty heavy, and sometimes they are in the wrong place. So you brace your muscles to apply a lot of force as you yank up, but then accidentally fling the toilet in the air because you've moved with a greater deal of force than you needed to. That's the logic behind how these weapons can help with your training.







In retrospect, it shouldn't have been a surprise.







These sticks are solid and the heaviness is great for building up your speed and strength by training your mind to apply more force when you swing or poke. This is particularly useful with the Solid Aluminum Alloy Nunchucks because everyone appreciates fast-moving chucks. After a short time using the heavier nunchaku, you will surprise yourself with how fast you move once you switch back to the natural, lighter version. 







A rare moment of rest for our chucks.






You also don't have to worry about the heavy metal weapons slipping through your fingers. With either machined-grooved grips or (in the case of the Solid Aluminum Octagon Escrima) a padded handle, they have a firm grip that will keep these weapons in your hands.







The octagonal design also helps.







3) They are made in America.

 You won't find outsiders producing these exclusive weapons. Since our ninja forges are located within the United States, all of these weapons are American-made. This is high quality stuff and you know that our ninjas are treated fairly (not like some places that make things).







Our High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff is particularly patriotic.







4) They are exclusive to KarateMart.com

Not only is KarateMart.com the only place you can find these weapons, but the way in which we do it is highly secretive. We go at great lengths to protect our trade secrets.

You can check out the product descriptions, as well as see the videos that our products guy, Ian, has been hard at work making:


On a side note, most of these videos were produced with original prototypes of these weapons. As such, they may be a little different than what is available now. If you have already purchased one of these weapons before we made these improvements, then you are one of the few in possession of KarateMart's vintage metal weapons.

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