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Hidden Icepick Escrima and Other Deadly Weapons

Hidden Icepick Escrima and Other Deadly Weapons

On this week's Weapons Wednesday video, Amanda and Mel reviewed five of our most awesome weapons that we currently have in our warehouse.  They tested out everything from a small pocket baton to a massive saber sword.  Even though they are all awesome, the best is the Hidden Icepick Escrima made by KOMBATIV.com.  See the video to get the full review on each weapon!

To begin the video, Amanda and Mel reviewed our Midnight Assassin Hand Scythe.  This weapon is interesting to say the least.  The small hand scythe is made out of one solid piece of metal with a black finish on it.  The manufacturer does not state what type of steel, but Amanda thinks it's 3CR13 stainless steel.  The blade is a hawkbill blade, which can be great for a small camping addition to your gear bag for slicing, stabbing, cutting, etc.  The scythe also has a large ring in the middle of the weapon, but sadly, you cannot perform tricks with it like you would a karambit due to its shape.   Even though the weapon itself is tiny, there are great hand guards in place to prevent accidental injury when use the blade.  Lastly, the handle goes to a blunted tip that would make a great glass breaker or can be used for other non-lethal strikes.  Overall, this weapon may be small, but there are great ways that it can be used.  Check out the video to see what I mean!

Next, the girls ended up testing out the Jagged Blade Combat Knife.  This blade has a very unique design that I've never seen before.  This 440 stainless steel blade has a jagged spine that isn't a sawback, the jagged part is there for aesthetic purposes.  It also has two diagonal fullers that are also on the blade for aesthetic appeal.  The full tang blade is also attached to black pakkawood scales that really contrast the silver blade.  The handle also features a nice ergonomic grip that is very comfortable in anyone's hands.  It also has a nice handguard to prevent accidental injury while using it and has a nylon cord wrist strap for prevent the weapon from slipping out of your hand.  Mel thought it was more of a wall hanger though, while Amanda thought it would be an awesome weapon to use.  View the video to see which side you're on!

For the third weapon, they reviewed Hidden Icepick Escrima that is only available on KOMBATIV.com.  Since a lot of people do not know, escrima sticks go by many different names including kali stick, arnis stick, and baston.  Knowing this, KOMBATIV wanted to make an escrima that not only functions well as a training tool, but can also be used as a self-defense weapon.  To make that happen, the team used a thick hollow aluminum tube to make an escrima with a diamond grip pattern.  The escrima stick alone was able to handle a lot  of Mel's abuse with ease.  The real surprise is once you remove the cap via the threaded section; there's a 4 inch steel spike inside!  Since the cap is essentially 20 inches in length, this can also be used as a blunt instrument so it's two weapons in one!  The best part though is that no one will be able to tell that the spike is inside if the cap is on since it's so sturdy and does not contain any pieces that can make noise.  Once again, they are only available at KOMBATIV.com.  Be sure to watch the video to see what this hidden weapon can do!

The fourth weapon that Amanda and Mel reviewed was the Extendable Baton Keychain.  This is a perfect everyday carry weapon for someone who does not like guns.  To start, this baton is only 13.25 inches when open and only 5.5 inches when collapsed, so it's super easy to fit in your pocket.  It is made out of hardened steel and has knurling on the handle to help ensure that you have a solid grip on your weapon.  To open, all you have to do is flick your wrist and the telescoping baton instantly opens for you.  To close it, you just need to collapse it straight down on a hard surface; if you close the baton at an angle, that can cause the telescoping parts to bend making the weapon defective.  It also features a nice keychain so that you can easily put it on your keys to take with you on the go and a glass breaker for non-lethal strikes.  If you would prefer a black one, we also have the Black Extendable Baton Keychain  See the full review in the video to know how awesome it is!

Finally, for the last weapon, the girls took a look at and tested the Dark Legion Saber Sword.  Man, this thing is awesome!  Despite sabers being a European infantry weapon from the past, these swords are making a comeback with some modern twists.  To begin, the sword is constructed out of 1065 high carbon steel with a black finish, which makes it very strong while still having some flex in the blade.   The blade is curved with a single side sharpened, which are characteristics of any saber sword.  Another way the sword has been modernized is by having a sturdy thermoplastic handle with a rubberized grip for added control.  Even though it weighs over a pound, Mel was able to use it very easily while still being able to hold onto it easily.  There is also a d guard which prevents anything from hitting your hand if it hits something.  The only complaint that Amanda and Mel had was the tang of the sword; it is nearly full tang but not completely.  It doesn't destroy the integrity of the sword, it's just odd in general since it's so close to being full tang.  Check out the video to see how much damage this saber can do!

Here's the video:


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