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Hidden Weapons That Can Save Your Life!

Hidden Weapons That Can Save Your Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of our most popular disguised and concealed weapons to see how they would hold up to some extreme impact. Be sure to watch the video and let us know which one is your favorite!

The first hidden weapon we tested was the Umbrella Disguised Stun Gun. This is such a simple idea for a disguised weapon, but its ingenious at the same time! Basically, the design is a stun baton with an umbrella wrapped around it to be more inconspicuous. As always, we felt like it was important to test the stun baton out, so I let Amanda give me a good stun on the arm with it.

The second disguised weapon we tested was the Coin Purse Slap Jack. At KarateMart.com, we carry both the Black Coin Purse Slap Jack and the Brown Coin Purse Slap Jack. Both are made using genuine leather and have a very heavy duty zipper which make this SAP weapon extremely durable. In an effort to test it, we used it against the Wing Chun dummy and it held up perfectly.

The third hidden weapon we reviewed was the Permanent Marker Spike. This disguised self-defense weapon is only available on Kombativ.com, but contains an extremely durable spike made from a G10 material. One of the things that's so great about this weapon is that it looks just like a standard permanent marker and is so quick to deploy. But, with any weapon, your should work with a self-defense instructor and practice your technique before even thinking about carrying something like this.

The next weapon we tested was the Self-Defense SAP Cap. I've shown this off in a previous video, but I really wanted to test it out well in this one. The main thing I really like about this SAP weapon is that it is also an extremely comfortable and good looking hat. It features an impact material sewn into the back of the hat, which can be used for striking. Be sure to watch the video to see more of this hidden hat weapon!

The fifth weapon I reviewed today was the Hidden Pepper Spray Pen. When people ask me what type of weapon they should carry for self-defense, I always suggest pepper spray as long as it is legal in their area. The nice thing about pepper spray is that it doesn't require any additional self-defense training. This specific pepper spray has the added bonus of being indistinguishable from a standard pen, so it is easy to hide in plain site.

The last weapon I tested was the Tactical Sword Cane. I've tested quite a few different sword canes on video over the years, and this is definitely one of my favorites. First off, it is very durable. Without even unsheathing the blade, you could use the cane itself as a striking weapon. It is also very quick to deploy. Unlike other sword canes where you must unscrew the cane to reveal the sword, this one uses a compression fitting to quickly release the blade. But, one very important thing I need to mention when it comes to sword canes is to check your local laws, because the laws in some areas are very strict when it comes to concealed weapons.

Here's the video:

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