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Hidden Weapons that could Save Your Life

Hidden Weapons that could Save Your Life
Lately, some of our customers have been asking what type of weapon would be best to defend themselves in case they were attacked. At KarateMart.com, we carry a huge selection of self-defense weapons and pepper sprays, but I thought it would be interesting to make a video of the different hidden weapons we carry. So, I took a walk through the warehouse and unboxed some of the various hidden weapons we have on the website. In the video below, I review everything from pen knives, to belt knives and even sword canes.

If there is a hidden knife or concealed weapon on KarateMart.com that you would like to see me unbox, mention it in the comments below and I will do my best to review it in an upcoming video.

Here's the Video:

Here are the hidden weapons I reviewed in this video:

1) Businessman Pen Knife

2) Stealth Cat Ring

3) Hidden Throwing Spikes Kubotan

4) Tactical Comb Knife

5) Hidden Brush Spike

6) Camo Hidden Credit Card Knife

7) Red Hidden Lipstick Knife

8) Hidden Belt Knife

9) Hidden Key Knife

10) Dog Tag Hidden Necklace Knife

11) Concealed Umbrella Sword

12) Travelers Sword Cane

13) Hidden Sword Cane

Which hidden weapon is your favorite?

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