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Hidden Weapons You Didn't Know Existed

Hidden Weapons You Didn't Know Existed
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I showed off my top 5 favorite hidden weapons that we carry on KarateMart.com. I get asked all the time about which weapons I personally like the best, so I spent some time answering that question in this video.

The first hidden weapon I showed off was the Cell Phone Stun Gun. In a previous video of mine, I showed off the Stun Gun Smartphone, which is a really great self-defense weapon because it looks just like a smartphone. But, I chose to show off this new cell phone stun gun because it looks so realistic and has some really great features including a personal alarm and a flashlight.

The next item I reviewed was the Hidden Brush Spike. I really love this hidden weapon because it's made of a really durable polypropylene that is strong enough to stab through some pretty dense objects. So, to test this out, I brought it into the photo room and stabbed a Halloween gourd. You're definitely gonna want to watch the video to see how strong it is.

The third hidden weapon I checked out in this video is the Hidden Belt Knife. This is probably my favorite hidden weapon because it is so easy to conceal. It uses a nylon belt that is really easy to size correctly for most adults and has a hidden blade that can be pulled out in a split second.

The fourth hidden weapon I showed off was the Hidden Sword Cane. We carry a lot of different sword canes on KarateMart.com, but this one is my favorite because of how well it is built and how easy it is to pull out the hidden sword. A lot of sword canes need to be unscrewed to reveal the sword, but this one uses compression which makes releasing the sword so much quicker and easier.

The last hidden weapon I showed off is one I would personally want if I was attacked in a close-quarters situation. The Stealth Karambit Neck Knife is an excellent concealed weapon because it is thin enough to fit comfortably under your shirt or jacket and has a really well-made karambit knife.

Here's the video:

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