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Top 5 Affordable Karambit Knives

Top 5 Affordable Karambit Knives
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I showed off my top 5 favorite affordable karambits! If you've been looking for a nice karambit that is not going to break the bank, you will love this video!

My number 5 favorite affordable karambit is the Stealth Karambit Neck Knife. I showed this knife off in a previous video of mine and absolutely loved it, so it needed to be in my top 5 list. The thing I probably like most about this karambit is how thin it is. It manages to be thin enough to be concealable underneath your clothing, but also still comfortable to use. It is extremely sharp and has a black coating on the blade that makes it very comfortable to hold. Be sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

My fourth favorite affordable karambit is the Quick Draw Karambit. By far, the coolest thing about this karambit is it's quick draw sheath. By simply pulling it from it's sheath, it opens up your karambit faster than an OTF knife. The other thing I really like about this knife is how thick the thumb rise is when you are holding this knife in forward grip. By having that thick of a thumb rise, you are able to stab with the blade in addition to slashing.

My number 3 favorite affordable karambit is the Combat Claw Karambit. I fell in love with this karambit when I reviewed it in another video, so it had to be my number 3 pick. The only thing I don't like about this knife is that it has a 440 stainless steel blade, but other than that, there is very little I would change. The micarta handle is extremely thick and comfortable, and it has jimping on the spin of the blade, that make it very easy to control in forward grip. Be sure to watch the video to see my full review.

My number 2 favorite affordable karambit is the Black Ops Karambit. This was originally my number 4 favorite karambit, but after spending some time working with it, it quickly became my number 2. The thing that sets this karambit apart from other karambits is the thickness and comfort of it's handle. This is by far the most comfortable karambit I've ever used in extended grip, which is saying a lot about a karambit. Make sure to watch the video to see this karambit in action.

My number 1 favorite affordable karambit is the Stealth Hawkbill Karambit. This may not be everyone's favorite pick this week, but I absolutely love how compact and concealable this karambit it. It is small, but fits perfectly in my hand and is extremely comfortable in every grip. The mini hawkbill blade chews through fabric like nothing and it only weighs around 2 ounces. Watch the video and let me know which one you liked best!

Here's the video:

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