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Is New Martial Arts Armor the Future of Weapon Combat?

Is New Martial Arts Armor the Future of Weapon Combat?
Not much (if anything) screams 'Future Ninja Combat' more than the picture above. What looks like a battle between two G.I. Joe super-soldiers is actually the newest brain-child of Unified Weapons Master, an Australian company that has its sights set on the future of combat sports. Their plan? It's called the Lorica, and if you think it looks like something Bruce Wayne would train in, you wouldn't be that far off.

Keep reading to learn more about how this one-of-a-kind suit plans to sweep the legs right out from under the world of combat sports.

Source: CNN

While combat armor focused on mobility may not be an altogether brand new idea, the Lorica from Unified Weapons Master is looking to stand out if a very interesting way. The suit has been modified with a set of 52 impact sensors, all of which are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. What could they possibly transmit? Try damage data for a start.

With the (still) rising success of hand-to-hand combat sports, the public thirst for martial arts contests has been demonstrated. The Lorica is designed with the next evolution in mind: Weapons combat. At the moment there is no safe way to hold a direct contest of weapons skills between two combatants. Now imagine a scenario in which two armed fighters, safely housed in the Loric suit, are able to hack, slash, stab, and slice their way to a victory while those 52 sensors do all of the hard work of calculating the real world equivalent of the damage sustained from each successful blow. Interested? You aren't the only one.

According to UWM, there are talks to broadcast a tournament as early as 2015. Imagine finally getting to see a ninja square off against a samurai. Or how about a master of the bo facing off against a nunchaku expert? Suddenly all of this writer's Soul Caliber's fantasies are about to be very real, very soon.

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10/16/15 - 9:22am
Where can I buy the combat training loric suit I would just like to know the price for the suit and the software ... Thank you

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