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New Mystery Weapons! Guess What Just Arrived!

New Mystery Weapons!  Guess What Just Arrived!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tried something a little bit different. Amanda chose 6 of the newest weapons on KarateMart.com and boxed them up for me. I then got to open each box and review the products without ever seeing them before. It was a lot of fun!

The first weapon I unboxed was the Pocket Spring-Loaded Baton. This pocket-sized baton is very similar to the Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton, but much smaller. I really liked it's size and it felt like a very sturdy baton that could hold up to some impact.

The second weapon I opened was the Heavy Duty Black Balisong. I absolutely love this balisong because it has a great weight to it and also uses rivets instead of screws. It's sleek black look and attention to detail make this my new favorite butterfly knife that we carry.

The third weapon I looked at was the Copper Storm Katana. Wow! This sword looks awesome in person. The blade has a copper and black wind design that is different from anything I've ever seen before. You definitely should want the video just to see this samurai sword.

The forth item I unboxed was the Deep Sea Dive Knife. I think this is the first scuba diver knife we've ever carried on KarateMart.com and I can see why we chose it. My favorite thing about it is that it is made from one solid piece of polished stainless steel, which gives it a really stunning look.

The fifth weapon I reviewed was the Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife. What a fun knife! I love that someone came up with the idea of combining a fidget spinner and a knife, and this one we are carrying is really nice. It feels extremely well-made and has a really awesome reverse tanto blade.

Last of all, I got to review the Hammer Strike Stun Gun. This particular stun gun was designed to help you escape an attack by utilizing the spikes at the bottom of the stun gun for defensive hammer strikes. And, as usual, I had to let Amanda test out the stun gun on me. You aren't going to want to miss this in the video.

Here's the video:

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