Copper Storm Katana

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Copper Storm Katana

Price: $129.95
Associated with with Japanese philosophy and even gods, wind is a significant symbol in Japanese culture. From peaceful breezes to the harsh gales of a typhoon, wind can either calm and rejuvenate or cause great calamity. This Copper Storm Katana, an authentic hand-forged Japanese style sword, is a storm themed katana that honors the power of wind!

In Japanese mythology, wind is attributed to the deity Fujin, a god that is both a combination of a divine spirit and a demon. This fearsome god can send ferocious gusts of damaging winds, working alongside the god of thunderstorms to wreak havoc. However, Fujin does not always aim to destroy, sending gentle winds as well. This god of wind even has connections to protecting Japan, as it is told that the intense typhoons and storms that repelled Mongol invaders was the work of Fujin and his brother. Like wind, samurai also embodied the duality of peace and destruction as they followed the virtues of Bushido (code of conduct). While a samurai could raise his weapon against others, using his highly-trained swordsmanship to cut down his enemies, he showed mercy and self-control. Honorable and courageous, samurai warriors balanced the power to take life with benevolence.

The motif of this handmade samurai sword revolves around the concept of wind, a design that reflects the deep symbolism of this element. A detailed wind pattern swirls across the circular tsuba (guard), the flowing curls and lines depicting air currents in motion. The black metal has copper colored accents that shine amongst the intricate grooves of the churning wind pattern. 3" in diameter, this tsuba has two holes, one circular and one with three gracefully curved arcs. The kashira (pommel) and fuchi (collar) mirror the tsuba, both constructed from dark colored metal with a decorative, copper colored finish.

Like the tsuba, the tsuka (handle) of this Japanese style sword also incorporates Japanese mythology into its design. 10.75" long, this cream colored tsuka has a texture that resembles rayskin, the added surface area from the bumps improving grip on the handle. Dark colored menuki (handle ornaments) contrast against the light colored handle, the detail of these ornaments a testament to the pride in craftsmanship of this genuine katana. These ornate menuki depict dragons, wise creatures associated with prosperity and protection. The winding, twisted bodies of these dragon ornaments are covered with tiny scales. The tsuka is wrapped with cotton copper-colored wrappings, its sophisticated diamond pattern an excellent example of tsukamaki. The light brown handle wrap, cream-colored tsuka, and menuki give this authentic katana a traditional, historic appearance.

While unsheathed, this impressive handcrafted katana is 38.5" long. Where this full-tang samurai sword branches from tradition is in its gorgeous blade. 26.5" long, this sharp blade is crafted from strong, 1045 high carbon steel. However, the curved blade is not the silvery color that one would expect from Japanese style swords. The entire blade is covered with a shining black and copper colored design that, like the tsuba, depicts the element of wind. The swirls resemble the cyclones of a tempest, a fitting complement to the elegant yet devastating slashes and cuts that katanas can inflict. Blood grooves run down the length of the blade on either side, lightening the weight of this 2 lb 3.5 oz (unsheathed) samurai weapon.

While the blade of this storm katana is a facet of admiration, the saya (scabbard) is beautiful as well. Crafted from wood, the saya has a glossy black lacquer finish, gleaming under the light as you put this 40.5" (sheathed) samurai sword on display. Copper colored sageo cords adorn the sheath, their light brown color the same as the tsuka-ito (handle wrappings). Amidst the woven pattern of the sageo, the kurigata and gold colored shito-dome are visible, a genuine touch to this traditional katana. Overall, this hand made Japanese style sword weighs 2 lbs 10.5 oz while sheathed. If you do not wish to immediately display this katana, perhaps storing it with your other samurai swords, this katana comes with a black cloth sword bag with a tie, great for preserving the artistry of this glorious sword.

Between its finely-detailed tsuba and tsuka, fantastic patterned blade, and rich symbolism, you will appreciate the craftsmanship of this wind katana. This Copper Storm Katana would be a beautiful addition to your collection of katanas and Japanese swords!

Copper Storm Katana Highlights:

  • Authentic Hand Forged Katana
  • Crafted from 1045 High Carbon Steel
  • Black and Copper Colored Wind Pattern Blade
  • Full Tang Blade with Blood Grooves
  • Overall Length Sheathed: 40.5"
  • Overall Length Unsheathed: 38.5"
  • Total Weight Sheathed: Approx. 2 lbs 10.5 oz
  • Sword Weight Unsheathed: Approx. 2 lbs 3.5 oz
  • Blade Length: 26.5"
  • Handle (Tsuka) Length: 10.75"
  • Tsuba Diameter: Approx. 3"
  • Detailed Wind Pattern Tsuba
  • Black Dragon Menuki (Handle Ornaments)
  • Cream Colored Textured Tsuka
  • Light Brown Cotton Handle Wrapping
  • Black Tsuba, Kashira, and Fuchi with Copper Colored Finish
  • Black Lacquered Wood Saya
  • Light Brown Sageo Cord
  • Gold Colored Shito-Dome
  • Cloth Sword Bag with Tie

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