Modern Tactical Tanto

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Modern Tactical Tanto
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Modern Tactical Tanto

Price: $69.95
The quality of steel in a knife is like the quality of character in a person; it must be tough enough to withstand a beating and keep standing afterwards. The Modern Tactical Tanto has enough steel character to last through the ages, provided you can give it enough work to stay busy! With manganese steel and comfortable rubberized handle, this formidable blade is what every active-duty member would want out in the field.

Keeping a fixed blade on your hip is not just for trappers or living off-grid. But if your lifestyle or profession puts you in dangerous situations often, then you'll know the importance of keeping a durable and sizable blade at hand at all times. Sir Robert Hadfield knew that steel could be made more durable, and with some technological advancements in the 1880s, he was able to add manganese to the metal to make mangalloy, known now as Hadfield steel or more commonly manganese steel. This created a metal that is extremely durable, so much so that it is used at train transit sites because the tracks take such a beating at those spots. This blade is 1065 manganese steel that is full tang right to the pommel spike at the end. The thick and durable material of this straight blade knife sports a tanto-style pointed blade at a perfect 45 degree angle. This military tanto knife is ready for use, able to puncture and slice with more ease and the added strength of mangalloy!

Tanto blades originated in Japan as an auxiliary weapon to the katana or other samurai swords. The broad blade was straight as a city block because it was only used for one thing: puncturing through armor over and over. The angled, dual sharpened tip was meant to aid in the initial poke, allowing the deep full blade to then take over and cause serious damage to an opponent on the battle field. This tactical tanto has a modern shape, with the fine edge and angled point also carrying a semi-sharpened spine, known as a 'swedge', that can be further refined if you have the tools and know-how available. The long edge of the blade is sharpened, and reaches an impressive 7.75 inches. While not the exact same as ancient tantos, this military grade fixed blade has the upgrades that you'd need in a present-day survival or combat scenario.

Being on the receiving end of this 14.5-ounce knife would be devastating, so make sure to keep it safe and protected in the heavy duty black Kydex sheath. The holder has a clever flipping lock mechanism that, once folded down, allows the sturdy belt clip to open and has multiple options for orienting the clip in whatever direction you may need. Once you have selected your position and closed the secure latch, than your tactical tanto will be combat ready while keeping your hands free. Manganese is a work hardening steel, so any impact will cause the blade to strengthen, given the properties of the alloy metal. To deal with the shock vibrations that can happen while cutting up cinder blocks or whatever else you're into, the 5-inch rubberized handle will keep your hand from vibrating off of your arm. The comfortable and smooth grip has molded sections to keep this survival blade from slipping out of your hand, but just in case, there is a lanyard hole at the bottom of the handle to loop a cord through and secure the steel tanto to your wrist. This way, not matter what your slicing through, or how much chaos is happening in the battle, the knife will stay in your control.

These modern tanto knives have a visible hamon line running through the straight edge of the sharpened blade. This is traditionally seen on katanas, as the Japanese mastered a way to harden the knife's edge while keeping the spine a touch softer, making the blade less brittle overall. The presence of this wavy line shows that great care went into the heating and cooling of the metal during its inception, allowing the fine edge to stay sharp for longer, no matter what kind of slicing you have planned (or unplanned!). Remember, the tanto was designed to pierce through armor and be the superior weapon in hand to hand combat, and this modern rendition keeps true to that purpose!

Forged with the same steel used by literal rock crushing machines, this steel tanto machete knife will last through the next emergency rescue, intelligence recon, or weekend in the woods with your buddies. The sharpened point makes this large hardened steel tanto more nimble and available for smaller slicing while still boasting a wide broad blade that has the weight and durability to throw around. Pack it in for your next adventure, and really, just don't leave the house without it!

Modern Tactical Tanto Highlights:

  • Thick 1065 Manganese Steel
  • Durable Full Tang Knife
  • Tanto-Style Sharpened Blade with Swedge
  • Black Smooth Rubberized Handle
  • Grip Indentations with Thumb Grooves
  • Blade Length: 7.75 inches (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 5 inches (approx.)
  • Knife Length: 12.75 inches (approx.)
  • Knife Weight: 14.5 ounces (approx.)
  • Black Heavy Duty Kydex Sheath
  • Adjustable Orientation Belt Clip
  • Pommel Ice Breaker Spike with Lanyard Hole
  • Ready for Survival and Emergency Rescue Missions
  • Abrasion Resistant and Great for High Impact Use

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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